Six In The Morning: Debt, Floods, Mass Extinction And A Dancing Gorilla

1 HERE’S AN INTERESTING ARTICLE on the perilous life of the Euro (that’s the currency, not the Louis Vuitton fanny-pack sporting fellow offering to buy you a Campari and soda at O’Hanlons). Why did Germany and France ever think it was a good idea to tie their economies to those of Portugal and Greece in the first place?  (via Der Spiegel)

2 SPEAKING OF DISASTERS, all this flooding has pretty much killed hope in the hearts of Prairie grain farmers.   (via CTV Winnipeg)

3 MARINE LIFE IN THE WORLD’S OCEANS FACE MASS EXTINCTION if we don’t take serious measures now to stop polluting them with fertilizers, plastics, detergents and fire retardants. What is wrong with us?  (via The Guardian)

4 SPEAKING OF PLASTICS, the Bank of Canada is rolling out our cheesy new banknotes. Apparently they’ll be almost impossible to counterfeit, but who cares? They’re going to look, feel, and (worst of all) smell awful. That’s it. I’m moving to Europe. Suddenly the Euro is looking pretty good. Plus I happen to love Campari and soda. (via Globe & Mail)

5 THEY’RE NOT HERE FOR OUR AMUSEMENT. When I came across this item, I was reminded of a quote about zoos that I can’t seem to find online. All I remember is that the last line went something like “when we keep animals in zoos, we don’t just diminish the animal, we diminish ourselves”. (via Star Phoenix)

6 SPEAKING OF DUMB MONKEYS… In news that is probably a surprise to no one, it’s highly unlikely that most of the police officers responsible for assaulting, harassing, and generally abusing peaceable protesters at last summer’s G20 summit in Toronto will ever get their comeuppance. (via Globe & Mail)

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Author: Wanda Schmöckel

Wanda Schmockel is just trying to get by without shoving. You may follow her on twitter @vschmo

8 thoughts on “Six In The Morning: Debt, Floods, Mass Extinction And A Dancing Gorilla”

  1. I think you’re probably joking but rest assured many countries use polymer banknotes and they don’t look, smell or feel awful.

  2. I agree, there’s something wrong with that new money. A Con-era solution to a non-existent problem. We might as well start walking around in garbage bags if we want everything to keep non-tattered and dry. LAME.

  3. …Like, who was lying awake at night worrying about *that* problem? Like, really? “By Jove, ‘Ave got’eet! Plastic bank’newts! That’ll save aboot a gigajewl of power a decade! And you can hottub without worrying about yer ‘newts gettin’ all ta’erred.”

    Someone better tell Stephen Harper that cocaine in Montreal probably shoots up a rolled-up polymer note better than a cotton/paper Borden.

    “Why are the Conservatives aiding and abetting the use of illiegal drugs here in Canada?” someone had better ask Parliament.

  4. Talbot, I don’t have any expertise in this area, but I do not understand why cocaine in Montreal would work better in a polymer note than, say, cocaine in Calgary. Seems a strange thing to have a geographic variation.

  5. Hey! Don’t diss monkeys. In Battle for the Geenormus Eight, Two Zero One Zero.. Gorillas are the “security enhancement patrol”.

  6. I remember in like 1998 when I worked In Calgary that some Aussies came in and had the plastic bank notes! So its not a new idea. I hope it works how it is suppose to and last. I’m not the biggest fan of plastic, but I am a fan of something that may be able to incorporate possible recycled materials and have a long life.

  7. Oooh, I just noticed that I didn’t put a comma between “mass extinction” and “a dancing gorilla”. Sorry about that. I stand by my derisive comments about the plastic bank notes though. Those things are going to off-gas something terrible when they first get circulated. Why do so many people want to make things worse?

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