Six In The Morning: Citizens Arrest, See Ya Ceasefire and So Long Costa

6-in-the-morning1 PICKIN’ A POPE The papal conclave begins in Vatican City today. Few are expecting the white smoke to rise on the first day of “voting”. It’s not mandatory for cardinals to vote today. 

2 CITIZEN, GET HIM (OR HER)! It is now easier to make a citizen’s arrest.  Announced yesterday, the amendment to the Citizen’s Arrest and Self Defense Act allows an individual to arrest another within a “reasonable” amount of time after witnessing a crime. The culprit had to be caught red-handed under the previous law.

3 GOT THE POWER It is years in the making. Yesterday, the feds announced a devolution of power from Ottawa to Yellowknife. It means the Northwest Territories will be in control of its land, water and resources for the first time. But, the territory still does not have “province” status.

4 CEASEFIRE DISSOLVED North Korea has squashed its 1953 armistice with South Korea, which ended the Korean War. So, anyone can fire at anytime?!!!! South Korea is refuting the dissolution of the ceasefire agreement.

5 WHERE ARE THE FLOOD GATES?? Saskatchewan should expect above-normal run-off this spring, and Regina might just float away. Stupid snow.

6 BUT HE IS AN INSTITUTION! Farewell Costa! Your love for news and your smooth style will be missed, especially during the supper hour.

2 thoughts on “Six In The Morning: Citizens Arrest, See Ya Ceasefire and So Long Costa”

  1. #3: Good.
    #5: We had the snow removed from our roof, and I trenched around the house back in January when the snow was lighter, less compact, and much easier to move…and this is with a recently waterproofed foundation. Now we need to hope for a long slow melt. Gentlemen, start your catch basins.

  2. 2) New Improved Citizens Arrest-Yay!
    4) North Korea is more insane than ever-BOO!
    6) Costa is going going gone? I rarely watched CBC supper news, but when I did, he was always a pleasant guy to watch.

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