1 WE’VE GOT TROUBLES Human-caused climate change will devastate many global fisheries in the future while in the present, a couple of people have been diagnosed with a SARS-like disease called coronovirus and one of them died.

2 WANNA SOLVE THE PROBLEM OR JUST CHUCK EXPENSIVE BAND-AIDS AT IT? A report says flat-out giving homeless people places to live is cheaper than the current patchwork way of doing things. Not even slightly surprised.

3 A BUNCH OF STUFF IN THE LEADER-POST Voter turnout in the city election might even rise above one in four (ooooh!!!), Regina needs more mental health services, Saskatchewan has the highest rate of teen smoking in Canada (20 per cent vs. an average of 12 per cent), Regina has graffiti but not chickens, and Bruce Johnstone wrote a column on the stadium and the city election that’s good fodder for arguin’.

4 BRAWL IN THE iPHONE FACTORY Apparently a personal dispute between two employees spiraled wayyy out of control and I’m totally sure this wasn’t a riot sparked by guards beating workers at a plant where half the employees work more than 60 hours a week.

5 R.I.P., SAM THE RECORD MAN A great Canadian music hero passes away peacefully at the age of 92.

6 ARE NIAGRA NIAGARA COPS SMUGGLING CHEESE? Because if they are I insist on being amused.

GOOD MORNING! A squirrel runs around a guy’s kitchen and then, whoa, holy moly there, little guy.