6-in-the-morning1 CANADA DAY: IT HAPPENED Read all about it. Also, here’s a story about a guy who sells fireworks.

2 DOWNTOWN CALGARY IS OPEN, MOSTLY Buildings are damaged, parking is limited and transit isn’t its usual self but the centre of the city is essentially back in the game.

3 STANDARDIZED TESTING IN SCHOOLS DOESN’T WORK Therefore Saskatchewan steams boldly ahead on plans to bring in standardized testing. Wait, what? Oh and also, there will be new regulations for teachers although there’s no indication what those will be. Maybe they’ll be good! Maybe they’ll be baaad.

4 STADIUM LEASE DEALS NEARING BEING SEALED And here’s some stuff about that.

5 SASK ASSHOLES STEAL AND BURN A HIKER’S MEMENTOS Yuck. Fortunately there are LOTS of nice Saskatchewanians ready to help a victim of douchebags.

6 DANGEROUS TOUR OF DUTY, OPEN GOVERNMENT FAILURE AND FIRE BEATS WATER Roughly one in seven Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan has mental health problems related to their tour, Canada’s access to information laws aren’t good enough and and in ironic news, a Manitoba water bottling plant burned down.

BONUS NEWS: THIS WORLD TODAY Whistle-blowing hero Edward Snowden is running out of asylum options but Cuba and Venezuala might still step in to save him; a 19-year-old Palestinian teenager was shot, hit by an army vehicle and otherwise generally killed in the West Bank; Egypt’s army is considering suspending the country’s constitution, which is always a great solution to problems, also Canada has closed its Egyptian embassy, also Egypt is fucking rapey; in Arizona, 19 firefighters were killed fighting a wildfire; and the Germans have made “shitstorm” an official dictionary word. Can “clusterfuck” be far behind?