1 CLIMATE “ON THE BRINK” Humanity set a global carbon emission record last year. Seriously, it’s bad. Meanwhile, Canada is fudging its emissions numbers, the Brits are collaborating with rogue nations and the U.S. Republican Party, which at this point probably ought to be viewed as secession movement against civilization, won’t let go of the “idea” that climate change is bunk. (And did you hear about the Republican who does believe in global warming but thinks the solution is to chop down all the rainforests?)

2 AT LEAST THERE WON’T BE MELTDOWNS IN GERMANY The country declares it will shut down its reactors by 2022, and they’re serious about it. Now if they can just fix their problem with killer cucumbers.

3 POSTAL STRIKE IMMINENT? PLUS, TEACHERS! Canada Post workers are preparing to go on strike Thursday. With the Conservatives running the country, this could be ugly. Meanwhile, Sask Teachers have withdrawn their unpaid services.

4 MASSIVE SENATE REFORM COMING The Conservatives are bringing in term limits, which I like, and elections, which I cautiously like. Story here. Not sure I want Canada to move to a full-on U.S.-style two-House system though. People complain about minority governments being paralyzing, well, I think the way the U.S. does it is worse. Maybe.

5 OH, SO NOW THAT IT’S ABOUT WORKERS GETTING MORE MONEY, EVERYONE’S GOING TO COMPLAIN? A sketchy controversy is erupting over police pay during the Toronto G8 summit. There’s so much to criticize about the G8 and we’re going to zero in on this? Right. I see what’s happening here.

6 JERRY SEINFELD IS COMING TO REGINA Huh! Embedding is disabled (bastards!!!) but pick this. Click! I mean click!