6-in-the-morning1 LISTEN TO THIS Europe is mad at America because it’s spying on everyone. The European Union wants a spying code of conduct. German Chancellor Angela Merkel even called U.S. President Barack Obama to demand an explanation for the National Security Agency bugging her cell phone. Yes, the U.S. eavesdropped on the leader of one of its closest allies. Gee golly whiz, I guess Dick Cheney’s clever idea to create a massive secret surveillance apparatus after 9/11 was a bad idea. The Guardian has an epic liveblog here.

2 SYRIA IS BROKEN The civil war has caused $30 billion in damage to the country’s infrastructure and created millions of refugees. Horrible.

3 CUTTING OFF DEBATE Glorious Chairman Harper wants everyone to stop talking about the embarrassing-to-him Senate scandal.

4 TRADE DETAILS Glorious Chairman Harper will reveal the preliminary details of his new Canada-Europe Trade Agreement next week. You can spend all day reading smart things about CETA here.

5 TRANSIT STAND-OFF Negotiations between the City of Regina and 300 transit workers have stalled. The city says the union isn’t bargaining in good faith but refuses to accept the help of a mediator, which to me, undermines that claim.

6 KING RALPH Saskatchewan’s best member of Parliament marks his 25th year in the House Of Commons.

The trailer for the next Captain America movie came out yesterday and it looks all right, I s’pose.