1 R.I.P. JACK LAYTON Cancer got a taste of him and came back for more.¬†Here’s CBC, The Canadian Press, some odds and ends and of course Paul Dechene’s blog post from earlier this morning.

2 GADHAFI OUT Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi (or Muammar Gaddafi in British style) is no longer running the show in Libya as rebels control 80 per cent of the capital. He should not have skipped that workshop on orderly transitions for aging dictators. Now they’re going to eat him. Meanwhile, Salon’s supersmart Glenn Greenwald says don’t get too excited, it’s still a mess.

3 SASKATCHEWAN JAILS ARE DANGEROUSLY OVER-CROWDED Maybe we do need some more jails. We sure as hell don’t need more “tough on crime, short on brains” laws to lock more people up, though.

4 ONTARIO TOWN DESTROYED BY TORNADO One person is dead, 61 are injured and Goderich, Ontario is demolished after 300 mile an hour winds wreak havoc.

5 CHARGES AGAINST ALLEGED FRENCH FONDLER TO BE DROPPED? Dominque Strauss-Kahn might be off the hook.

6 RICK PERRY IS A LIAR I’m really enjoying the Washington Post’s fact checker, who gave Republican bastard Rick Perry two Pinocchios for blaming President Barack Obama for U.S. job losses. Perry got the full four Pinocchios last week for a whopper ¬†about climate change, which he is a skeptic of. What an evil tool.