1 THAT WAS FAST The UN imposes a no-fly zone over the country that might have resulted in Libyan forces being annihilated and 3.0234565674 seconds later Libya announces a ceasefire. Go figure.

2 CANADA SENDS PLANES TO LIBYA TO ENFORCE NO-FLY ZONE Unfortunately , they’re those old-fashioned F-18s, not shiny new F-35s. All the other armies might laugh at us!

3 JAPAN NUCLEAR NIGHTMARE CONTINUES The country has raised its nuclear alert level to five on the seven-level badness scale.

4 ANOTHER SCANDAL INVOLVING THE CONSERVATIVES APTN reports that Bruce Carson, a former senior aide to the Prime Minister who left the PMO in 2008, lobbied Indian Affairs to grant water filtration contracts to the Ottawa company that employed his fiancée. Earlier this week, the Prime Minister asked the RCMP to investigate Carson for possible influence peddling. And, okay, yes, yes, I know there’s a tawdry element to this story that might be pertinent or might not. We’ll see.

5 A CONSERVATIVE MINISTER APOLOGIZES FOR CONFUSION Bev Oda, speaking to a Parliamentary committee that’s investigating her for contempt of parliament,  says she’s sorry for the mix-up about the whole funding-for-Kairos-being-denied-after-civil-servants-recommend-it-be-funded thing.

6 ELECTION AT THE YOU OF ARRR University of Regina students have voted, by a slim margin, to elect Kent Peterson URSU president. This matters because Peterson’s slate, Voice Of Students, was the main rival to current, controversial president Kyle Addison, a business student who led a slick and slimy (and failed) campaign against URSU membership in the Canadian Federation of Students  last fall. Addison was also accused of violating USRU election bylaws after criticizing Peterson on John Gormley Live the day of the vote. Personally I’m not sure this is inappropriate campaigning because I doubt many people under 35 listen to Gormley. I mean, unless our Paul Dechene is the guest, of course.

The Carillon will undoubtedly have scads of coverage on its blog, here.