1. EDITOR’S CHOICE: A spunky Chihuahua fought off two armed robbers when they tried to hold up the dog’s owner’s smoke shop (do they call them smoke shops in California?). Anyway, they got it on video! (via Winnipeg Free Press)

2. THAT’S JUST CRUEL: The French minister of agriculture is threatening to boycott a food fair in Germany after the fair’s decision to ban fois gras from the festivities. (via The Guardian)

3. POOR GREECE: The number of Greeks living below the poverty line is swelling as their country’s economy continues to nosedive, and it’s only going to get worse. (via Der Spiegel)

4. MARRIAGE IS A LOTTERY ANYHOW: New York City is holding a lottery for those who wish to get married on the first day that same-sex marriage will be legal in that state. (via Globe & Mail)

5. OH THERE IT IS: Turns out the Vegas Valley leopard frog isn’t extinct after all. (via New Scientist)

6. WELL I’LL BE: Apparently some researchers have linked hearing loss in teenagers to second-hand smoke. That’s not how I lost my hearing. (via ABC)