1 WHAT ARE THEY THINKING?  Saskatchewan professors are calling out the federal government over reckless cuts to funding for First Nation health and education.

2 IS IT HOT IN HERE OR… Pine beetles – those voracious little bugs that have been going to town on Canadian forests – are now being partly blamed for climate change. Little jerks.

3 WORKERS PROTEST IN BANGLADESH  In the wake of a fire that killed 112 in a garment factory in Dhaka, workers have taken to the streets.

4 MOVIN’ ON UP  Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of Canada, is leaving that post to become the next Governor of the Bank of England.

5  A PANDEMIC OF MAYORAL CONFLICT-OF-INTEREST CHARGES?  Toronto mayor (for now) Rob Ford isn’t the only one in hot water. Winnipeg’s mayor Sam Katz is also up on conflict-of-interest charges – over a restaurant deal. He’s expected to appear in court in April.

6 NOT SO FAST  While many of us revel in Rob Ford’s public spanking, Toronto isn’t breathing a sigh of relief just yet. He’s appealing the decision (of course he his) and that process could take months. And then there’s the specter of a by-election.