6-in-the-morning1 TALES FROM THE NEW SASKATCHEWAN A Francophone woman in the village of Manor calls 911 to report a small fire she probably shouldn’t have called 911 about. For some reason the volunteer fire chief called this “petty fucking French shit.” One of those words does not belong in the chief’s tirade, and now it’s a national news story. Good job, New Saskatchewan!

2 THE NDP LOSES NOVA SCOTIA The former government was reduced to seven seats in the 51-seat legislature. As usual, the popular vote was totes difference than the results: the Liberals won a majority government with less than half the vote, which is ridiculous, and the Conservatives become the official opposition even though they got fewer votes than the NDP. Canadian provincial and federal elections are a travesty.One upside: it’s nice to see that a Liberal promise to reverse education funding cuts was a big part of their successful campaign. Anyway, one burning question is, what does this mean for the federal NDP?

3 A MAJOR SETBACK FOR LIBERATION THERAPY A study in the Lancet says constricted veins aren’t associated with MS. Sometimes science is a real buzzkill.

4 SOME SCREW-UP KILLED A POLICE DOG IN EDMONTON Read all about it in this story by L-P alumni Jana Pruden.

5 ROB FORD RECRUITED A VIOLENT CRIMINAL TO COACH HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL  Hilarious! If I lived in Toronto I’d vote for Rob Ford because he’s the best TV show in Canada.

6 TODAY IN U.S. GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN NEWS Meetings, tough talk,  soldiers not getting buried, tourists getting fined, bleah. The BBC has a slideshow of the stupidity.

BONUS: The Nobel prize in chemistry is awarded, more trouble with the Sochi Olympics, some billionaire died and Ohio anti-abortion douchesters make life shitty for real grown-ups making tough decisions in the real, not fairy-tale, world.

WATCH THIS It’s important.