1 WHAT A MESS OUR POOR WORLD’S IN Murder, war, general unrest and suffering in Afghanistan, Syria, Pakistan, Gaza and Somalia.

2 POLITICIANS ARE SMARTER THAN SCIENCE Rick Perry sucks, Rick Perry sucks so much.


4 TORONTO ON THE RIDERS “For 55 minutes Thursday night, there was little question about which was the worst team in the Canadian Football League.” Read more here.

5 AND THROW AWAY THE KEY “”Aboriginal people are being locked up like it’s going out of style,” says a Manitoba lawyer criticizing Conservative tough on crime laws. How about some Conservative tough on poverty laws? Hahahahahaha, that’s a good one. Poverty is the responsibility of the individual, everyone knows that. Why, there are enough good jobs in Canada for everyone, and we all have the same abilities and circumstances and opportunities to be successful. Don’t bug me with details, I’m busy building jails.

6 ANOTHER MOVIE REMAKE IN THEATRES Fright Night’s actually getting some good reviews: Roger Ebert liked it and so did CBC’s reliable Eli Glasner, though I can’t find a handy link for this review. But why did we need a remake of a fun 1980s horror comedy? Why not an original script? This remake thing is out of control. Coming up are insanely-conceived remakes of classics like, just off the top of my head, Straw Dogs, The Wild Bunch, The Thing, Logan’s Run, Dirty Dancing and Footloose. There’s also a freshly-announced sequel or prequel to Blade Runner, which is almost certainly just eeevil (I’ll consider revising my opinion if Ridley Scott’s sorta-Alien movie Prometheus is any good.) And let’s not forget Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes and Conan, which technically isn’t a remake. An outside observer might suggest the over-emphasis on unneeded remakes is an alarming sign of a diseased culture. Then again old farts probably said that about Elvis Presley so maybe I’m over-reacting. I still don’t like it. Here’s the trailer for the original Fright Night, still a cheesy favourite of mine.