Six In The Morning: Ass Cop! Election? Shenanigans! More!

1 KINDA FEELS ELECTIONEY OUT THERE HUH? The Liberals launch anti-Conservative attack ads. The Conservatives launched ads last week. The NDP is… where? The Greens? Hello???

2 BULLSHIT AT THE U OF S? University of Saskatchewan administration ignore the recommendations of a search committee and pick their own Dean for the institution’s law school. Don’t have a clue what goes on behind closed doors and I have no doubt there’s a lot more to this story but obviously, this reeks of swaggering arrogance by the people who run the university.

3 SASK CENSUS MALCONTENT GETS ABSOLUTE DISCHARGE Activist and amateur census saboteur Sandra Finely ducks fines and jailtime. I’m okee-dokey with that. She was found guilty of not filling out the census. Point made.

4 “THIS AIN’T CANADA RIGHT NOW”: COP ¬†An ugly, dumb, obnoxious police officer at the G20 protests who was filmed sharing his creative interpretation of geography and the law with a protester has no business being a cop. Obviously. But more importantly, police unions need to start standing up to governments who use them as tools to violate the public’s civil rights. This is a labour issue, police peoples. You’re being used and your careers and integrity are being recklessly risked. Push back.

5 MUCH ADO ABOUT “MONEY FOR NOTHING” The CRTC has asked the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council to review its ban an uncensored version of a classic Dire Straits song from commercial radio.

6 KATY PERRY AND MAYBE ROBYN!, AND THE PIXIES IN SASKATOON Yesterday was a lively day for concert announcements. The Pixies tour that’s coming to Saskatoon is great news (better news would be the Pixies In Regina, but I don’t mind road trips). And if Robyn’s on the bill, the Katy Perry concert will be appealing to a lot of people who otherwise wouldn’t go. But geez, it would’ve been nice if the Leader-Post could find a less Invasion Of The Body Snatchers photo of Perry. Sheesh. Either someone in the paper’s online production department has zero capacity for competent photo selection or they’re being pointlessly antagonistic and /or passive aggressive. If you want to pick on Katy Perry, that’s fine, but be upfront you weenies.

Seriously, just look at this screenshot. What is this, a clumsy attempt to use an unflattering photo compensate for a tepid, lifeless article about an over-rated but not terrible performer and concert your paper will inevitably flog excessively and embarrassingly?

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

3 thoughts on “Six In The Morning: Ass Cop! Election? Shenanigans! More!”

  1. There is nothing wrong with that photo. Katy Perry may be overrated, but she does have a couple of things going for her.

  2. Robyn posted on FB this AM: “Yes! Im opening up for Katy Perry on some of her american dates this summer. As soon as i have the dates, you will. Watch out!”

    …Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem too promising for Regina…

    As you alluded to above, my attendance will most definitely depend on whether or not Robyn is opening.

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