1 IRAN FLIPS GERMANY THE BIRD: A New Dehli-bound plane carrying German Chancellor Angela Merkel was forced to circle over Turkey, while Iran mulled over whether or not they felt like letting the plane pass over their airspace.

2 THE VIEW FROM SPACE IS THAT WE’RE RUNNING OUT OF WATER: Scientists in California are using satellites to monitor groundwater depletion around the world.

3 AND THE POOR GET POORER: Oxfam is warning that food prices will more than double by the year 2030, and mayhem will surely follow.

4 CREEPILY OPEN TO INTERPRETATION: Among the many topics up for discussion at the upcoming Conservative Party convention in Ottawa, the party will look at revoking the citizenship of any Canadian that “takes up arms against this country or its allies”. They’re also considering implementing a “high treason” punishment that would result in life imprisonment. Other topics up for discussion include cracking down on prostitution and increasing military presence in the North.

5 ONE LESS PLACE TO GET A GOOD BLT: A redevelopment in Winnipeg’s downtown could mean curtains for The Wagon Wheel.

6 UNCLES AND AUNTS, LITTLE CHILDREN LOST THEIR PANTS*: You’d think it was something they’d rather forget, but they’re celebrating the 100th anniversary of the launch of the Titanic in Belfast today! Oh well, it wasn’t their fault (that’s what my dear old Irish mum says anyway). *As an aside, I was almost 30 years old before a friend corrected me on the lyric to “It Was Sad When The Great Ship Went Down”. Apparently the line is “little children lost their parents” which, I concede, makes more sense. -But, in my opinion, the way my 8-year-old ear heard it is far better and lends a bit of levity to the whole thing. At any rate, I’m glad I learned that song instead of this one (no, I don’t recommend watching the whole thing):