6-in-the-morning1 THESE GUYS SUCK The majority of Canadians think the Conservatives did a “somewhat poor” or “very poor” job last year. On the bright side for the party, they have a LGBT caucus now. It’s a fabulous blue tent. I imagine bouncers inspect everyone’s fingernails for disease-transmitting dirt before letting them in. Okay, okay. That’s old news, I know. And I know there are Conservatives who aren’t homophobic (also not straight). But the Tories WILL go down in history as the worst party on LGBT rights when it mattered in Canada and that shouldn’t be forgotten. Though John Baird’s public support for gay rights is appreciated.

2 ALSO, THE BOY SCOUTS WILL ALLOW OPENLY GAY YOUTH STARTING IN JANUARY So overdue.¬†And it’s disgraceful — and embarrassing — that gay scout leaders are still discriminated against.

3 PFFFT, IT’LL BE FIIIIINE Regina residents near Regina’s amazing exploding refinery are, anecdotally, comfortable living in their neighbourhood. Also, why is a refinery anywhere near this city? Isn’t this insane?

4 RUSSIA TERRORISM UPDATE Sadness, anger, fear.

5 MARCH OF THE DRONES Six U.S. states will be test sites. Hopefully they won’t be testing the kind of drones that kill people, because those suck.

6 LAWSUIT UPDATE The Canadian government and the RCMP are no longer being sued for that famously horrible 2008 Greyhound bus murder. Also, I totally missed this but a couple of weeks ago Daniel Dale dropped his lawsuit against Rob Ford. Huh. Not sure he should’ve but it’s certainly his right.

AFTERNOON DELIGHT Yeah, yeah. It’s the afternoon, not the morning. I’ll be a better blogger in 2014. Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues was a hoot, by the way. Not brilliant, but pleasing. Jorge’s review was spot-on. Hope they do another one in a few years.