1 HURRICANE! I’ve been lying low for a couple of days. Where did this one come from? They’re evacuating areas of New York. Yikes. Apparently 55 million people could be affected. That’s close to two Canadas. The scary hurricane tracker is here. Yikes.

2 JACK’S IN TORONTO There’s a line-up to visit him. If the media had fawned over the guy like this when he was alive he might have been prime minister.

3 GOOD BOMBS, BAD BOMBS Libya and Nigeria.

4 ICHTHYOLOGIST SAYS PRIVY COUNCIL BLOCKED HER FROM TALKING TO THE MEDIA ABOUT SALMON STOCK COLLAPSE Argh. Canada could use more scientists and fewer ego-maniacal politicians.

5 ONE OF THE BEST IN HISTORY The Prairie wheat crop is looking quite good this year, apparently.


Brendan Cross, who is on probation for running through parts of downtown Regina without any pants, is listed as a prospective candidate for the Green Party of Saskatchewan in the upcoming provincial election.

First off, I tip my hat to that piece of fantastic writing. Second: yeah, yeah, Rosie beat me to posting this. Third and most important: Cross says he’s bi-polar. Politicians with bigger problems have been elected. There’s some of that old ‘one standard for right-wing politicians, another for the left’ going on here. But it’s still funny the Greens are considering running the no-pants candidate.

BONUS NEWS: Here’s a really bad horror story from Libya. Here’s a picture of Hurricane Irene seen from space. The amount of cesium that’s leaked from that damaged Japanese reactor equals 168 Hiroshima bombs. There’s lots of objection to the eeevil Keystone XL pipeline. There was a referendum on the hated Harmonized Sales Tax in British Columbia. Here’s the latest news on Guy Lonechild’s case against the FSIN. Is the United States blocking Palestinian statehood? Like your 306 area code? You may keep it. There’s a planet out there made of diamonds? I want Han Solo ice cubes!

SUPERTOON! I’ve posted this before but it’s time to post it again and don’t think I won’t post this more in the future. 1970 Seseme Street is a billion times smarter than Zack Snyder.