6-in-the-morningHopefully you had an enjoyable weekend in the snow making snow angels and catching snowflakes on your tongue, because I definitely did not. I was stuck in the ditch in small town Saskatchewan. Anyway, here is to a Tuesday that feels more like a Monday.

1 BBC IS BUSTED Britain’s national broadcaster is making news. The BBC is in hot water after a Newsnight editorial team wrongly implicated a “senior Conservative” in a sex abuse case. The editorial team responsible could face disciplinary action. The error comes just weeks after news emerged that a BBC TV presenter/radio DJ was implicated in multiple allegations of sex abuse and that the BBC ditched an investigation into the issue nearly a year ago.

2 HUMAN RIGHTS AT SCHOOL Alberta is thisclose to passing a new and progressive education law that would require all coursework in schools to honour the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Alberta Human Rights Act. It is an effort to combat bullying in the school system. The giant Education Act is also garnering some opposition.

3 VET MEMORIAL VANDALIZED Toronto police are treating the vandalism of a war memorial in Coronation Park on Remembrance Day as a hate crime.

4 NOT AGAIN The misappropriation of First Nations culture continues. During a recent Victoria’s Secret fashion show, a model wore a headdress, causing widespread outrage. The company apologized over the weekend and it says the televised show will not feature the headdress.

5 MCAFEE GAFFE The founder of the anti-virus software McAfee Inc. is on the defensive after being called a “prime suspect” by police in the slaying of his neighbour in Belize. The millionaire told wired.com he is  innocent and on the run.

6 OH NO ELMO The puppeteer who plays Elmo on Sesame Street has been accused of having a relationship with a 16-year-old boy. Kevin Clash has denied the charges, but will be taking a leave of absence from the children’s television show.

UPDATE: Whitworth here! ELMO IS INNOCENT! The “victim” has recanted his story. Carry on.