Six In The Morning: A Mixed Bunch

6-in-the-morningG’morning, readers. The following is a weird segment of news stories from this morning. There’s violence and craziness happening all around us, not always far away. If I wasn’t in journalism school, I would probably be tempted to tune out and focus on the next few weeks of university madness but that luxury isn’t available to me. I am, however, able to deliver you the weird goods. Here you are:

1 C’MON, P.A. This is not an attack on Prince Albert, however, the psycho that did this better get caught. There’s a drinking problem out there too, apparently.

2 BAD A bus was bombed in Tel Aviv, injuring at least 10 people. This could ruin the possibility of a peace deal between Hamas and Israel.

3 SAVE THE MENDEL A group in Saskatoon is trying to prevent the construction of a new gallery, in favour of renovations to the Mendel Art Gallery. Hooray for petitions!

4 A SMOKY ISSUE A new poll says that 65 per cent of Canadians are in favour of changing laws concerning marijuana. Justin makes this stance cool.

5 QUEBEC’S SPENDING There’s serious contention over Quebec’s budget problems. The PQ minority could potentially be defeated on this issue (the party was accused of hiding a $1.8 billion deficit) and force an election as early as Jan. 5.

6 ¬†FASHION GRANDPA Ok. I saw this story a couple days ago on a weird underground blog but now the mainstream media has gotten a hold of it. A 72-year-old grandfather (and rural Chinese farmer) has been modelling clothes for his granddaughter’s clothing line.

I hope you are not entirely disoriented after being bombarded by craziness that I stumbled upon. To add to that craziness, here is David Byrne in his infamous oversized suit jacket from Stop Making Sense. Have fun, be safe.



3 thoughts on “Six In The Morning: A Mixed Bunch”

  1. The peace deal that Egypt has been trying to broker between Hamas and Israel was destroyed when Israel decided to send a drone to kill a Hamas officer. Lets put the blame where it belongs. If Israel wanted peace with Palestine, they’d have it. There is an election coming and Netenyahu wants to flex muscle. So he picks on an easy target.

  2. I’ve been to the Mendel…nice place. Very little room left though for the extra art they want to display.
    Renovations won’t be enough to meet the future growth needs compared to what the new upcoming Remai Arts Center will offer.

    The donations and funds for the Remai are already in place. This build is a go. Too bad this minority just can’t accept that.

    The Mendel will be reused as something else after the Remai is completed according to this post.

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