6-in-the-morningG’morning, readers. The following is a weird segment of news stories from this morning. There’s violence and craziness happening all around us, not always far away. If I wasn’t in journalism school, I would probably be tempted to tune out and focus on the next few weeks of university madness but that luxury isn’t available to me. I am, however, able to deliver you the weird goods. Here you are:

1 C’MON, P.A. This is not an attack on Prince Albert, however, the psycho that did this better get caught. There’s a drinking problem out there too, apparently.

2 BAD A bus was bombed in Tel Aviv, injuring at least 10 people. This could ruin the possibility of a peace deal between Hamas and Israel.

3 SAVE THE MENDEL A group in Saskatoon is trying to prevent the construction of a new gallery, in favour of renovations to the Mendel Art Gallery. Hooray for petitions!

4 A SMOKY ISSUE A new poll says that 65 per cent of Canadians are in favour of changing laws concerning marijuana. Justin makes this stance cool.

5 QUEBEC’S SPENDING There’s serious contention over Quebec’s budget problems. The PQ minority could potentially be defeated on this issue (the party was accused of hiding a $1.8 billion deficit) and force an election as early as Jan. 5.

6 ¬†FASHION GRANDPA Ok. I saw this story a couple days ago on a weird underground blog but now the mainstream media has gotten a hold of it. A 72-year-old grandfather (and rural Chinese farmer) has been modelling clothes for his granddaughter’s clothing line.

I hope you are not entirely disoriented after being bombarded by craziness that I stumbled upon. To add to that craziness, here is David Byrne in his infamous oversized suit jacket from Stop Making Sense. Have fun, be safe.