Six!1 RELIGION AND GOVERNMENT? The feds are launching the Religious Freedom Office today at a mosque in Ontario. It will be a branch within the Foreign Affairs Department designed to? Actually I have no idea what it is designed to do.  There is very little information about it, except that it has an extremely modest budget of $5 million and that human rights critics are slamming it for being an attempt to inject religion into foreign policy. I guess we will find out more this afternoon…

2 MORE TEARS, MORE TRAGEDY Yesterday a national report was released, which stated that at least 3,000 children died while attending Indian residential schools in Canada… a sad, sad part of Canadian history. And the number is likely to rise as more archived government documents are unearthed.

3 THRONE SPEECH CLEANS HOUSE Canada’s largest province will hear the first throne speech highlighting recently elected Premier Kathleen Wynne’s mandate. She has a big job ahead of her, cleaning up McGuinty’s mess and dealing with a minority government (which isn’t such a bad thing). Her policy announcements are expected to lean left-of-centre with more money for things like home care and making sure businesses pay a fair amount of taxes, which are promises geared at appeasing the NDP.

4 MIRACLE BABY!! A baby declared dead by medical staff at a Toronto hospital and left under a sheet to await the coroner is actually alive! Her mother gave birth to her outdoors in -16 degree weather Sunday morning. 90 minutes after she was declared dead, two police officers, who were guarding her body, noticed movement from under the sheet. Mom and baby are in stable condition. Meanwhile, the episode has sparked a review of procedures at the Humber River Regional Hospital.

5 PEE WHERE YOU WANT Well, sort of. There are now 10 gender-neutral washrooms on the University of Regina campus. How about that!

6 HAMBURGLAR Burger King’s Twitter account was hacked yesterday, making for a very interesting day in the Twitterverse. The company’s profile picture was changed to the McDonald’s logo and one tweet announced that Burger King had been sold to its fast-food rival.