1 DELI LLAMA CLOSES DOORS  The downtown sandwich shop known for its celebrity-named sandwiches and extensive use of social media is closing up shop tomorrow (Wednesday). Rumours of a possible lunch truck are surfacing. Goodbye old friend, for now.

2 SAY GOODBYE TO YOUR PRETTY PENNIES Yesterday, the Canadian Mint stopped distributing the copper coin. Some are happy because charities have found ways to profit on the phasing out of the penny and others are looking at how it can save them a few cents at the checkout line.

3 MOOSE ONE THE LOOSE?  University of Saskatchewan researchers are looking into why moose feel moved to cross rural highways. The study will identify high-risk collision areas. Most importantly, the moose are happy because they finally get a satellite phone (it’s built into their collars so researchers can track them over a four-year period).

4 BLACKBERRY Z10 BURSTS ON CANADIAN SCENE  It’s make or break time for BlackBerry. BlackBerry Z10 is available in Canadian retail stores today, after being first released in the U.K last week. Some say it’s the company’s last chance to recover, but unlike product launches for competitor Apple, there were few reported lineups this morning outside of stores that are carrying the device.

5 SOCHI MAFIA WAR  The death of big-time Russian mobster, Aslan Usoyan, is sparking fears of a brewing mafia war in the host city of the 2014 Winter Olympics. Rival mobs are seeking control over Usoyan’s empire, which includes vast amounts of property and businesses in Sochi.

6 GAY MARRIAGE IN PARLIAMENT It has been legal in the UK since 2005, but today parliamentarians are debating the Marriage Bill, which would enable same-sex couples to be married in civil and religious ceremonies, if the religious institution consents. Prime Minister David Cameron is in favour, but more than a dozen of his fellow Conservatives are not, and it could pose some problems.