6-in-the-morning1 PIPELINE PROBLEMS There have been more than 1,000 pipeline incidents –leaks, fires, worker injuries or deaths — in Canada since 2000, and the rate of incidents appears to be on the rise. CBC has one of the great interactive maps in history. Want to learn about Regina’s spills, leaks and other pipeline woes? Click here and zoom in.

2 NEWSCORP ON TRIAL The trial begins for two of right-wing media strongman Rupert Murdoch’s former top-ranking executives (one of whom was also the British PM’s communications chief), who are charged with orchestrating a campaign of hacking into cell phones (including a murdered teen’s) and bribing officials to get celebrity gossip and other salacious scoops. Will they finger the head of NewsCorp? Will hacking victims¬†Hugh Grant, Sarah Ferguson and Dr. Who testify? ¬†How about Sean Connery? What about Prince William? There’s enough background to melt your eyeballs here.

3 SPAIN IN THE ASS Spain joins other European nations who want to know WTF is going on with U.S. spying.

4 WOLFCOP BEGINS FILMING It’s all very exciting.

5 SASKPOWER WANTS A RAISE And you get to pay for it!

6 SENATE HEARINGS CONTINUE Plus other politics stuff.

A DOUBLE SHOT OF REED Two of my favourites, in honour of the legendary musician who passed away yesterday: “The Power Of Positive Drinking” and a weird, catchy thing from the Canadian animated science fiction cult classic Rock And Rule.