1. FATAH AND HAMAS ARE MEETING IN CAIRO TODAY to choose a leader for the Palestinian unity movement. They’ll need to come to some kind of agreement if they want the United Nations to officially recognize a Palestinian state when they’re expected to vote on the issue this September. Here’s hoping they can work it out. (via Christian Science Monitor)

2. THE CABBAGE PATCH KIDS ARE BACK, but no one can tell us why. (via Guardian UK)

3. TALLY HO! It’s Day One Of The Royal Ascot! You can follow all the breaking news here. It’s going to be some party. On an entirely unrelated note, did you know that horses can get herpes? Neither did I.  (via Guardian UK and NYTimes)

4. CANADA POST STRIKES ABOUT TO ROLL OUT IN BIG CITIES. Toronto and Montreal are about to feel a world of pain as Canada Post workers prepare to stage a 24-hour walkout in those cities starting Wednesday.  (via Globe & Mail)

5. WHALES WISH WE’D JUST KEEP IT DOWN ALREADY. Apparently humans are responsible for underwater noise pollution doubling every decade since 1960, and it’s having a detrimental effect on sea life.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; humans are just plain rude.  (via New Scientist)

6. FERTILIZER COMPANY TARGETS GROWERS OF MEDICAL MARIJUANA. Miracle-Gro wants to help pot-growers produce better a better bud. Can broad legalization be too far behind when fertilizer manufacturers officially want a piece of the action?  (via Wall Street Journal)