6-in-the-morning1 WEATHER HAS OCCURRED Regina has snow, and as a result its roads and sidewalks are slippery and fraught with menace. Read and see all about it here, here, here, here and here.

2 CONSERVATIVES WRAP UP CONVENTION No riots were reported as the party forming Canada’s terrible, scandal-stricken government met in Calgary. Read about stuff here, here, here and, ugh, here. Meanwhile, the National Post’s John Ivison says the Conservatives should probably start thinking about their next leader.

3 HE’S SORRY Toronto’s troubled mayor apologizes for public drunkenness, says he won’t resign. Meanwhile, here’s some other bad stuff Rob Ford did.

4 BUS DISRUPTION Regina transit workers will begin mild job action Tuesday. The union has been without a contract since January and while stalled negotiations appeared to be starting up again, they haven’t started yet.

5 OUR TROUBLED WORLD The United States won’t forgive hero whistle-blower Edward Snowden, I assume because they’re not actually sorry for illegally spying on everyone; a bunch of art the Nazis stole has been found; former Egyptian President Morsi’s trial takes a break until January; in Russia one of the jailed members of the art protest group Pussy Riot has apparently been moved to a more isolated prison and horrible people have a horrible parade; some Americans are complaining because their new health insurance will be more expensive than their old insurance, well, maybe they should vote for politicians who will bring in single-payer health care; and Virginia will elect a governor today — hopefully a Democrat, because Republicans ruin everything.

6 KEEP AT IT UNTIL YOU GET IT RIGHT Montreal has another one of its fun bi-monthly mayoral elections and BlackBerry is not for sale.

CAN OVERRATED HACK DIRECTOR J.J. ABRAMS FIX STAR WARS? I doubt it — years of missteps from Leia being Luke’s sister to “Greedo shoots first” to three terrible prequels permanently damaged the Star Wars universe — but the cause might not be completely hopeless as long as the guy at least acknowledges stuff like this.