Six In The Morning: A First Time For Everything

6 in the MorningHAPPY TUESDAY! It’s my first Six In The Morning post as an alternative media intern for the Dog Blog. Let’s hope it all goes well, as it should, because lots of crazy stuff has happened since I tucked myself into bed last night. Lets get started!!

1 BAYONETS AND HORSES If you missed it, the third and final U.S. presidential debate aired last night. It looks like Obama won, and not just because of his firm stance on foreign policy. No, his turn of phrases had a major hand in his win.

2 MEDALS FOR ANTI-ABORTION ACTIVISTS This is crazy. A Saskatchewan Tory MP nominated an anti-abortionist activist, who is currently in jail, for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal. And guess what! She got it.

3 MCGUINTY SAYS “NO WAY” Well, sort of. Ontario premier Dalton McGuinty says he won’t challenge Justin Trudeau for the Federal Liberal leadership. Duh.


5 NDP MP TAKES LEAVE OF ABSENCE After being removed from an Air Canada flight for being too drunk to fly this weekend, Romeo Saganash is taking some time off to deal with personal issues.

6 WE’RE IN HIV DENIAL A new survey finds people in Saskatchewan don’t know HIV is a problem in their community.

If whales could talk… this is what they would sound like. A beluga whale at the National Marine Mammal Foundation in California mimmicks scientists’ speech.

9 thoughts on “Six In The Morning: A First Time For Everything”

  1. No one knows now what to make of Romney – Brilliant manipulator of public opinion, or dummy douchebag who’s totally out of his league?

  2. Welcome to the dogblog.
    Let’s – contraction for “let us” (you got it right once.
    Mimics is correct; mimicking or mimicked have the “k” added to keep the “c” from being pronounced as an “s” when it occurs before a vowel.

  3. How is Romney out of his league? He is a successful businessman and a capable governor. Let’s not forget O’bombya’s wafer thin resume before he came into office.

  4. But all account he was a sucky, absent governor and a businessman, of some nature. Not sure what, really. A management consultant, I guess. He made companies profitable by laying everyone off and hiring back half the people at two thirds their previous wage. Granted, I really really really think Obama should have waited till 2016. Now who will run in 2016? Hillary would have killed 2009-2017. Oh well.

  5. Roxanna, you got Saylored on your first day! Well done! Barb, glad you’ve welcomed her into the fold! (Barb keeps us honest, grammatically, at least).

  6. just because..
    vote for anyone except the forgery,( a woman leading Regina hmm … ), sure.
    & anyone else that sits on city council now.

  7. @5, just so you don’t feel left out: the parentheses should enclose your entire last sentence, period included.

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