Six In The Morning: A Breath of Insanity

1 MAYBE SUPER WAS THE WRONG ADJECTIVE Well, Super Tuesday didn’t end up establishing much of anything. Romney wound up being the ‘winner’ in last nights slew of primaries, but Santorum wasn’t far behind, securing wins in Tennessee, Oklahoma and North Dakota. The women’s vote is seen to have tipped the scale in Ohio, most likely because Santorum’s Social Conservative agenda is terrifying.

2 ADVERTISER EXODUS Maybe what took the steam out of Super Tuesday – and still unsure who established the capitalization on this one – was the candidates’ inability to properly address Rush Limbaugh’s most recent display of public lunacy. What does it say about the Republican candidates if the Girl Guides of America are making more of a stand on this one? Following Limbaugh’s on-air slanderous rampage against Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke last week, even Rush isn’t supporting Rush anymore.

3 OBAMA FIRM Yesterday at his first nationally televised press conference of the year, President Obama made a pretty good case for refraining from unilateral military intervention in Syria and Iran. Unlike his Republican counterparts, Obama also seized the opportunity to call out Limbaugh for his crass and sexist comments, invoking stories of his daughter’s and wife. While it may have been purely strategic, it seemed pretty darn sincere, and may make quite the difference in the long run, with the women’s vote anticipated to be a crucial factor in the Presidential race.

4 THE BEACH REPRESENTS Stephen Harper announced yesterday that Regina Beach’s Vaughn Solomon Schofield will replace Gordon Barnhart as the next lieutenant-governor of Saskatchewan. Unsurprising choice given her military background and consecutive Crime Prevention Woman of the Year Awards… in Florida?

5 A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE – IN MARCH A baby boy was born in the back seat of a stranded vehicle outside of Saskatoon yesterday. Paramedics assisted the delivery 18km outside the city, and both the mother and child are reported to be in good condition. And who said blizzards are all bad news??

6 EMPATHIZE WITH AN OIL PATCH. REALLY. The Globe and Mail released an article yesterday which appears to be trying to drum up sympathy for the “poor cousin of the oil world”. This move to unclog the pipeline process – poignant really – has adopted a supply issue approach. Given the hold-ups on the Keystone XL and the Northern Gateway pipelines, oil and gas authorities are warning of a serious risk of “back-up”. What’s this? We can’t export oil at the fastest rate humanly possible, and this is a dire, alternative-less crisis? Thank-you Globe for such an enlightening pile of nonsense.

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  1. Number 1:Get help.

    Obama’s move may have been strategic, but a fair and important one to play. The suburban housewife seems to be the swing vote in this election. Seeing as their hubbies are not concerned with their desires, perhaps Obama can whisper some sweet nothings into a few votes.

  2. None of the rules above say that comment must be restricted to content, Katherine.
    Liz R.: I’m not the one who needs help.

  3. 5: It does not. Thank-you for your valuable contribution to the discussion at hand.
    4: That certainly explains the award, the tan as well perhaps.

  4. #7: thanks for the link; I’m sure that Katherine will find it very helpful.

  5. Item 2:

    Georgetown University is a Catholic school. As a religion, we do NOT believe in birth control pills to prevent pregnancy. They do however believe in one taking birth control pills for medical purposes. Such as, ovarian cyst, painful periods etc.. (I am not a Dr.)

    Miss (Entitled) Fluke, was very aware of the schools religion as well as, the procedure in which the school provided birth control pills! But hell, that wasn’t good enough for her. She wanted someone to pay the $9.00 a month for her pills! Maybe a few less Starbucks and Miss Entitlement could afford her pills which, I might add, she does NOT need for any medical purposes, except to prevent pregnancy!

    This whole issue is some serious bullshit. Who cared when people(Chris Matthews) were calling Hillary Clinton a slut when she ran for President? Or when people(Bill Maher and a metric shit ton of other assholes) called Sarah Palin a slut or a cunt?

  6. It’s International Women’s Day???

    *picking up a bottle of pretty pink vodka on way home*

  7. That old chest nut… I’m uhhh really surprised you’d go there on “International Women’s Day”… but hey very rose has it’s thorn…
    While I do agree with the fact that when one attends a Catholic School one is required to adhere to the “rules”. I am also painfully aware of the fact that the Catholic religion forbids birth control (which is a whole other matter). The fact is that Rush was way out of line when he compared all women to prostitutes and claimed that if a woman needs to have her contraceptives covered, she is having waaaaaaay too much sex, which “Seanbot” apparently agrees with, but suggests that Fluke merely forgo her morning coffee to pay for it??? Rush goes on to demand that if the tax payer is “paying” for women to have sex the the act should go viral on “You Tube”. This has far surpassed an issue of religious values/an expensive latte habit; this has become complete belligerence and total objectification of women.

  8. Buying pink vodka does not count as a contribution to women’s day. It comes off ignorant and explains your comments in #12. You sound like a non coherant drunk/He man woman hater.

  9. Hey anonymous, you sound like a lot of fun, maybe we could hang out sometime? We could go grab some misogynistic chicken wings and take a walk through the misogynistic park and feed the misogynistic pigeons. Take a ride in a cart pulled by feminist horses and maybe at the end of the night if all goes well you could cut my balls off?

    Unclench your damn butt cheeks, Liz and anonymous, before you point your misogyny finger at me. People like you are so fucking exhausting and unproductive in an issue that is much larger than Rush Limbaugh and which intrudes on religious freedom!!!

  10. Whoah Seanbot. The issue raised here is distinct from however well or poorly Fluke represented the institution she was attending.
    The issue is that for many people Limbaugh is considered to be the ‘voice of the Republican party’, accurately or not, and the Republican candidates should have done a better job distinguishing their views from those of an obvious lunatic.

  11. Thanks for your comment, Kat. And, I agree with you.

    It just makes me feel stabby, thinking, that you can call Sarah Palin a cunt like Bill Maher because you’re on HBO and don’t rely on sponsors. But if Rush Limbaugh calls someone a “slut” he’s this big bad evil misogynist that should lose sponsors. Of course, when Ed Schultz called Laura Ingraham a “talk slut’ months ago, I don’t remember any sponsors pulling out from his radio or TV show. Freedom of speech seems to only apply if you are a far left progressive liberal. Otherwise, you are either hateful, racist, vile, anti-woman, anti-immigrant, etc. Of course, you could be like David Letterman and call Sarah Palin a “slutty looking” flight attendant, and have no media complain, no woman’s groups rally, or have any advertisers pulled.

  12. First of all, I’d be careful about using the word “stabby” and “c*#t” in the same sentence…There’s gotta be some kinda interweb sleuths watching for that kind of thing…

  13. That being said, I think you are right about a couple things. There is no real consistency in the coverage of this type of issue, but why would there be? There shouldn’t be a universal standard for the amount of b.s. a person gets away with before it gets blasted all over the news.
    I also agree that mainstream media portrayal of women (on both sides of the political spectrum) tends to be unrepresentative.

  14. #20 The C word on International Women’s Day ?? Very Droll.

    Geeze,I get enough right wing out of his gormness the 3 hrs a week that I bother to take the time to listen. He’s always good for a laugh.

    Limberger?? Maherd?? Fuck that noise!

    Hey Barb I saved you the typing;
    #16 It is “every “. :)

  15. 5. I wonder if the caption could read, ” Sk. baby born on the exact same place it was concieved ” .

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