1 MAYBE SUPER WAS THE WRONG ADJECTIVE Well, Super Tuesday didn’t end up establishing much of anything. Romney wound up being the ‘winner’ in last nights slew of primaries, but Santorum wasn’t far behind, securing wins in Tennessee, Oklahoma and North Dakota. The women’s vote is seen to have tipped the scale in Ohio, most likely because Santorum’s Social Conservative agenda is terrifying.

2 ADVERTISER EXODUS Maybe what took the steam out of Super Tuesday – and still unsure who established the capitalization on this one – was the candidates’ inability to properly address Rush Limbaugh’s most recent display of public lunacy. What does it say about the Republican candidates if the Girl Guides of America are making more of a stand on this one? Following Limbaugh’s on-air slanderous rampage against Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke last week, even Rush isn’t supporting Rush anymore.

3 OBAMA FIRM Yesterday at his first nationally televised press conference of the year, President Obama made a pretty good case for refraining from unilateral military intervention in Syria and Iran. Unlike his Republican counterparts, Obama also seized the opportunity to call out Limbaugh for his crass and sexist comments, invoking stories of his daughter’s and wife. While it may have been purely strategic, it seemed pretty darn sincere, and may make quite the difference in the long run, with the women’s vote anticipated to be a crucial factor in the Presidential race.

4 THE BEACH REPRESENTS Stephen Harper announced yesterday that Regina Beach’s Vaughn Solomon Schofield will replace Gordon Barnhart as the next lieutenant-governor of Saskatchewan. Unsurprising choice given her military background and consecutive Crime Prevention Woman of the Year Awards… in Florida?

5 A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE – IN MARCH A baby boy was born in the back seat of a stranded vehicle outside of Saskatoon yesterday. Paramedics assisted the delivery 18km outside the city, and both the mother and child are reported to be in good condition. And who said blizzards are all bad news??

6 EMPATHIZE WITH AN OIL PATCH. REALLY. The Globe and Mail released an article yesterday which appears to be trying to drum up sympathy for the “poor cousin of the oil world”. This move to unclog the pipeline process – poignant really – has adopted a supply issue approach. Given the hold-ups on the Keystone XL and the Northern Gateway pipelines, oil and gas authorities are warning of a serious risk of “back-up”. What’s this? We can’t export oil at the fastest rate humanly possible, and this is a dire, alternative-less crisis? Thank-you Globe for such an enlightening pile of nonsense.