Retaliation has already begun for a mass murder allegedly committed by an American soldier in Afghanistan just two days ago. Taliban fighters opened fire on a delegation of Afghan officials, killing an Afghan soldier working as their guard. Protests have been raging in the east. It’s not looking good. Also, it’s being reported that the US soldier accused of the horrific attack had suffered a serious brain injury while serving in Iraq, and had shown signs of mental illness as a result. It of course begs the question – what was he still doing in a war zone?

2 Greg Gallagher was appointed interm leader of the Saskatchewan Liberal Party. In this story and photo, you can see Gallagher is looking very good for his age.

3 Many critics are linking the rumours of a takeover bid for grain giant Viterra with the dismantling of the Canadian Wheat Board. The company already has 45 percent of the grain market, and is going after Viterra quite soon after the destruction of the CWB. Here’s a thoughtful analysis of the bid.

4 Assad’s called an election! It’s sure to be peaceful and free of serious fraud.

5 In the very near future you may have less of a wait for your post-bar cab. More cab licenses will be introduced in Regina over the next few years, starting with six new temporary licenses added this year.

6 Why did a movie about steam punk space aliens, which also kinda look like cowboys, fighting on another planet, flop? This is why.