1 MORE ON REGINA’S UPCOMING HOT SPOT I’m not sure I agree with the Carillon‘s Jonathan Petrychyn when he says that the Artful Dodger will be “the centre of creativity and life in the city” — we’ve still got a LaserQuest in this city, Petrychyn, and don’t you forget it — but his article on the multi-use space that’s getting put together in the Warehouse District is essential for anyone interested in Regina’s cultural scene.

2 SOCIETY PARODIES ITSELF THESE DAYS Take it away, Globe and Mail: “A casual text message to work colleagues encouraging them to ‘blow away’ the competition at a trade show allegedly plunged a Muslim man into a terrorism probe.” The man in question says he was held for three days and his home was searched, among other indignities. If true, that’s some real black comedy satire material.

3 HOW ARE THOSE JOBS NUMBERS? In Canada, the unemployment rate is crawling up. In the U.S., “the jobless rate is the lowest it’s been since February 2009.”

4 RESIDENTIAL SCHOOL SURVIVORS STILL MISTREATED So says the National Residential School Survivors’ Society in this CBC article. They claim mistreatment by some of the lawyers representing them and ask for a judicial review. History is essentially serving them a shepherd’s pie of mistreatment, just layers upon layers.

5 FOR ONCE, ROMNEY GETS A BREAK Things have been tough for the little guy who wants to become the next Republican president. Now, Aaron Blake of the Washington Post is saying that Willard “Mitt” Romney’s Mormon religion will be an advantage in Nevada, after it was a big question mark in more evangelical states. Why does this give him a boost there? Because Mormons make up a big part of the Republican electorate out there and they overwhelming voted for him back in 2008. Now you know.

6 MID-TWENTIES WHITE KID RECOMMENDS YOU LISTEN TO THIS AMERICAN LIFE Some of the more deplorable things going on down in the U.S. are the immigration policies being introduced by states like Arizona and Alabama and, as Anthony Hecht of the Stranger rightfully points out, they are predatory and practically evil. Well, those are my words, not his, but I think we both felt the same way after listening to public radio giant This American Life‘s episode that covers the Alabama situation. It’s one of the more heartbreaking pieces TAL has produced. Listen now.

BONUS This is a little old to make it into my Six in the Morning — over a week already, if you believe it — but I think it’s still of interest. A good friend of mine sent me a link to to a post where writer Matt Glassman deconstructs Newt Gingrich’s idea for a moon statehood process, as he proposed it to the House in an act in the 1980s. Boy is it detailed.

And our Daily Puppy is Bella Bear the Newfoundland. Bella is plenty cute and all but I think the adorableness of a Newfie goes up as they get older. I saw one walking in front of my building the other day and it could’ve been a small bear on a leash. It was the greatest thing.