Good morning, all. I’m sure you were all pumped for another great Six in the Morning from Stephen “Boss Man” Whitworth himself, but he and the rest of the in-office crew are tied up preparing the Best of Regina issue. Less than a week ’til all you wonderful readers get the results. Until then, here we go.

1 BERLUSCONI STILL IN OFFICE The scandal-ridden Italian prime minister gets to keep his job after barely winning a recent confidence vote. Apparently, the Italian parliament has confidence that he’ll continue to run the country like he’s Leisure Suit Larry or something, like he’s always done.

2 FOOD BANK STILL IN COURT The Regina Food Bank legal saga continues, as they try to get a tenant of theirs to pay higher rent.

3 SPEAKING OF RENTERS Politics! Saskatchewan’s two major parties both released some housing promises in the last bit. The NDP is talking about “fair rent models” in their housing platform, while the Saskatchewan Party is pitching a tax credit for new homeowners.

4 ROMNEY’S MONEY Recently released numbers show that the former governor’s campaign for the Republican presidential nomination raised $14.2 million in the third quarter, again proving he’s got this thing locked down. Any bet against Romney getting the Republican nomination is a silly bet. It doesn’t matter how many SimCity ideas Herman Cain trots out.

5 SUPREME COURT GIVES A RESOUNDING “HELL NO” Just so you know, cops still can’t search your home without authorization or cause. Well, I guess they can do it — it’s still in the realm of possibility, like I could streak at this weekend’s Rider game — but, as this recent 8-to-1 Supreme Court of Canada decision shows, whatever evidence they find won’t help make a case that sticks.

6 CBS AND THE HOT DOG FLAVORED WATER Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst has a deal with the American T.V. network for a proposed sitcom called Douchebag. As the A.V. Club’s Sean O’Neal writes,

CBS took that conceptual cookie and stuck it up the yeah of its pilot development cycle, giving Durst an unspecified percentage of back-end nookie for his first-ever television deal.