1 THE GREATEST SELF-PORTRAITS EVER TAKEN Photographer David Slater left his camera unattended while on a shoot in Indonesia, only to discover that a crested black macaque had picked up his camera and started unwittingly taking photographs with it.

I’d post a picture of the macaque mugging for the camera, but as it turns out, our editor has “standards” and doesn’t like me putting up photos that are “copyrighted” by “a gigantic news agency”. But please, click for hilarity.

2 GORDON TOOTOOSIS DIED As reported earlier on the blog, actor Gordon Tootoosis is dead at 69. He was recently hospitalized with pneumonia.

3 MEANWHILE, WILLIAM AND KATE ARE STILL HERE Won’t they go? No, not until they’ve sampled all the fruits that our bountiful nation has to offer.

4 THIS THING Even if you’ve been actively ignoring the story of Casey Anthony, you might as well know that she has been found not guilty of murdering her two year-old daughter, even though she lied about the girl’s whereabouts for over a month to her friends and family. CBC has a pretty good summary of the whole messy affair, if you feel like delving into the lives of some pretty awful people.

5 ANOTHER REASON TO ENJOY OUR BEAUTIFUL URBAN LAKE If you were jogging or strolling around Wascana Park yesterday morning, perhaps you saw the police pull the body of a man in his late 70s from the lake? With any luck you avoided that sight.

6 REGINA INCREASING ITS MOSQUITO BUDGET Good, because there’s a freaking ton of them this year.