1 WATER, WATER, EVERYWHERE Flooding continues throughout the province, so much so that they need help filling sandbags out at Katepwa and that, as of yesterday, 23 communities could go for disaster assistance. Regina is on the list, too.

Take a walk around Wascana Park: nature is reclaiming the whole thing. Your favourite bench is now just something for ducks and geese to circle around. If you want to walk by the waterside, you’ll find yourself trudging through mud, nodding at kindly old men who didn’t know what they were getting into when they set out on such a walk. Oh, and the city doesn’t want you floating your kids in a dingy, F.Y.I.

2 CALL NOW FOR THE VERY WORST OF HARPER A lot of warnings are floating around that kids oughta be worried about putting too much out there online, lest a future employer dislike a Facebook account of a drunken night or those nude pics get back to the parents somehow. Well, long before “social media” was a thing, Stephen Harper still managed to make controversial statements, and his own party was good enough to list them all. Alphabetically. Expect someone to drop another Dog Blog post about this one.

3 95 PERCENT That’s how much of the Saskatchewan Teacher’s Federation voted in favour of job action. Without any movement from the school boards association, this leaves few real options except strike. So get ready for the malls to be fuller during the day.

4 WHAT’S LAW AND ORDER TEARING FROM THE HEADLINES THESE DAYS? Gabrielle Giffords and Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark! The former is being done by L.A., while the latter is being done by Criminal Intent. I was really hoping Special Victims Unit was going to tackle Turn Off the Dark, ’cause if anyone can solve that mess, it’s Richard Belzer and Ice-T.


6 FIRST LINES SAY IT ALL From a Globe and Mail story:

The Conservatives are stepping up their support for an independent incumbent MP in Quebec who had one of the worst attendance records in the past Parliament and whose outbursts as a former radio host were condemned as “racist and contemptuous” by the Supreme Court.