Six In The Morning

1 THE CIVIL WAR IS HISTORY Specifically, history that’s 150 years old today. And it still manages to stir up trouble, as illustrated in this great All Things Considered piece that you should take the time to listen to.

2 B.C.’S OLYMPIC LOSSES CLIMBING It looks like they’ll be on the hook for at least $230 million, if not more.

3 WE’VE GOT THE JESUS NAILS! The director of an upcoming documentary says that the nails used in Jesus’ crucifixion have been found. Or, at least he thinks that they probably have, considering that they were found in a place that may have been the burial place for the man who sentenced Jesus to death. And they probably aren’t just some nails or something.

4 WHAT’S UP IN EGYPT? They’ve convicted a blogger for blogging, that’s what! Just more proof of the scary amount of power that the Egyptian military still holds. That, and they run resort hotels. They’re clearly up to no good.

5 EVANGELICAL SCHOOL BLOCKS PAPER’S WEBSITE And Jerry Falwell, Jr., the chancellor for Liberty University, wants you all to know that it’s a private institution and “we don’t have to give a reason and we’re not” about why they blocked the site for a local paper. They probably wanted their students to focus on all the Jesus artifacts the Guardian U.K. is reporting on.

6 PIKE LAKE REFUGEE A Florida woman is claiming refugee status in Saskatchewan since she believes that her 30 year sentence for having sex with a 16 year old boy is unjust.

BONUS The Harlem Globetrotters were in Regina yesterday; U2 now have the highest grossing tour of all time, despite not coming to Regina; and CMT announced a series cancellation via Facebook.

And, in my recommended Bonus of the day, Cute Roulette. It’s like Chatroulette, except replace random penises with random videos of cute animals.

Thanks to Stephen and Mason for links.

UPDATE: Fixed my grammar in Item Six.

Author: James Brotheridge

Contributing Editor with Prairie Dog.

7 thoughts on “Six In The Morning”

  1. Re. #6, I think you’re missing some information there. Although, completely offhand and without knowledge of the case, 30 years for sex with a 16 year old? I mean, it’s gross, whatever, but 30 years seems to be an awful lot. I need to investigate this some more.

  2. That seems to be the argument as to why this should a refugee question at all: 30 years is far too much.

    The piece, reposted on the LP website from the StarPhoenix, says that she “was convicted in 2008 on multiple counts of felony unlawful sex activity with certain minors” from her son’s baseball team. When writing up the blurb, I only mentioned one boy since the rest of the piece does the same.

  3. Agreeing with Katie, #6 isn’t quite finished … what does she believe about her 30 year sentence?

  4. We probably won’t see any comment from her in the press – so far, she seems content to allow her lawyer to speak for her. Whether that would change for any hearings is up in the air; the article makes a point of mentioning that she didn’t take the stand at her own trial.

  5. Thanks for the info, though it’s not really what I meant. You write “she believes” in the phrase but then just end it without completing the thought. I’m not trying to nitpick I swear.

    “A Florida woman is claiming refugee status in Saskatchewan since she believes that her 30 year sentence for having sex with a 16 year old boy.”

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