UPDATE: Shields decided to show up to the forum! Good on him.

1 CITY COUNCIL WANTS YOU TO RECYCLE They said so last night. The big news: instead of the cost for a mandatory curbside recycling program getting worked into your property taxes, you’re going to get a bill. I just sneak my cardboard recyclables into the Trifon’s bin that my apartment building backs out onto, so I don’t think this will change my service.

2 HOW MUCH DOES IT COST TO TRY TO BE THE PC LEADER IN ALBERTA? $40,000, because they should take this seriously. No word on what it would cost to kick someone out of the race.

3 CONSERVATIVES HAVE THEIR FIRST REGINA PRESS PARTY OF THIS ELECTION And what does Ian Shields, the candidate who won’t be attending today’s all-candidates forum at the university, have to say? “The strategy is to talk to as many people as possible,” says Shields. There are plenty of people on campus you could talk to, Shields.

4 WISCONSIN REMAINS A POLITICAL HOTBED A previously humdrum Wisconsin Supreme Court election has blown up, for reasons you probably already know.

5 EARLY NEW HAMPSHIRE POLL OK, so the sensible folks at Roll Call think you shouldn’t put too much faith in this, but just for the heck of it: Mitt Romney’s leading, followed by the guy who makes Glenn Beck “a little uncomfortable recently.”

6 KEANU REEVES TEASING US WITH BILL AND TED 3 INFO He gives us a little bit of the concept, but mostly just reveals he’s already in character for the film at all times.