Six In The Morning

1 NEW SASKATCHEWAN HOUSING PLAN Where only some of the $252 million not going towards home ownership will go into rental units, and that doesn’t feature any plans for rental control. Colour me unimpressed.

2 WALL SITS THIS ONE OUT Brad says he’s not going to be too vocal about this federal election, though if you’re curious, he’s voting Conservative.

3 OBAMA SPEAKS, RAND PAUL REACTS Last night, Barack Obama gave a presidential address on the States’ role in Libya. You can watch him choose his words very carefully here. Of course, some American politicians found fault with it.

4 DANGEROUS KITE FIGHTERS RUIN THINGS FOR EVERYONE IN TORONTO That’s the long and the short of it, really. It’s not far off from when a grade school teacher would take away a toy because a few kids couldn’t play nice with it, but instead, it’s city officials banning some toys because some adults couldn’t play nice with them.

5 COBRA LOOSE IN N.Y.C. And, according to the zoo, it might be weeks before they find it. In the meantime, someone started a Twitter account for it.

6 FARLEY GRANGER DIES 85 isn’t a bad age for someone to go, especially for someone like Granger, who’s got films like Rope! and the classic Strangers on a Train under his belt. You can see the trailer for the later below:

Author: James Brotheridge

Contributing Editor with Prairie Dog.

3 thoughts on “Six In The Morning”

  1. About the Brad Wall story. Why did CBC not allow comments on it? And doesn’t that picture tell you something, he looks like he’s lying in it…trying so hard to keep a straight face. Look at his eyes. The’re reflecting a big blue C.

  2. Seems to me that he doesn’t think Harper will win this time and is trying to put distance between himself and the federal Tories.

  3. I can’t remember offhand whether CBC Sask. has stated what their reasoning is for allowing or not allowing comments on stories. Normally, their choices make sense, so I’m not too suspicious. Following all the talks about who’s responsible for comments on internet posts, some of which specifically directed at the CBC, they’re no doubt just playing it safe.

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