1 DEADLINE DAY FOR STADIUM DOUGH Federal Conservative MPs should probably steer clear of Regina Mayor Pat Fiacco today. Unless they’ve got money. Lots of it.

2 WE NEED AN INQUIRY! The Canadian Civil Liberties Association will release a report this morning calling for a public inquiry into police abuses during the Toronto G20 summit. Choice complaint du jour: one protester says police pulled off his prosthetic leg. And I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: cop unions need to protect their members from being used as shock troops against the public. There’s a labour issue here.

3 FIX FOOD AID NOW Canada is chairing talks that will hopefully make it easier to feed the world’s poor. Talks open today, which the Globe’s article implies but doesn’t confirm (unless I missed it?), boo writer.

4 GUNS FOR EVERYONE! Stupid Arizona lawmakers want to arm the hell out of college campuses. People are crazy.

5 IT WAS OSCAR NIGHT! And here is what happened.

6 TODAY IS THE NHL’S TRADE DEADLINE What will the Columbus Blue Jackets do to improve themselves for the stretch run? Will they add a puck-moving defenceman? Will they trade for a centre? Are the days of former first-round pick Nikita Filatov numbered? What’s going on with my beloved Blue Jackets? Also, other NHL teams might make some moves, whatever, yawn. Go Jackets!