It’s one of those mornings, folks, where the “News” tag on this post is almost entirely ceremonial. Excuse me. At least I have enough sense to not post “CABLE ACTION FIGURE HAS BABY CARRIER ATTACHED TO HIS FRONT” as an item onto itself.

1 STUDENT POLITICS AND FREE FOOD In just two days! Who knows what kind of action will be going down at the University of Regina Students’ Union Annual General Meeting. Or if they’ll be able to even draw in the 150 people for this to be official. At least we know there’ll be free pizza.

2 THE CASE OF THE 25 GRAND The RCMP are investigating a significant financial loss from a non-government organization that works with the Education Ministry. Anything else? “The government didn’t say what community the losses happened in and which police organization was investigating. It didn’t name the person or the non-government organization.” So there’s that.

3 BRIAN JACQUES CONTINUING ANIMAL EPICS IN HEAVEN The classic author of young reader novels died yesterday. I’ve never read his Redwall series, personally, but he’s one of those writers whose author photos make him look like just the warmest grandfather. I felt the same way when Robert B. Parker passed.

4 SHAWN RYAN HAS ANOTHER SHOT The Chicago Code, the new series from The Shield and Terriers creator Ryan, premiered last night on Fox. According to the A.V. Club’s Noel Murray, it was, not surprisingly, good. (In other T.V. news, The League has officially been picked up for a third season, which is another thing to be happy about.)

5 TESTY ABOUT TESTING The Fraser Institute tested schools across B.C., and an elementary school in polygamous stronghold Bountiful got top grades. The B.C. Teachers’ Federation isn’t pleased about the whole system.

6 ROYAL WEDDING TO BE RELEASED IN DISAPPOINTING 2D This after royal officials refused to allow 3D cameras. You can still cross your fingers for a muddy-looking post-production 3D conversation, in the style Clash of the Titans or The Last Airbender.