Six In The Morning: Superman, Egypt, Three-Faced Mummy!

1 DON’T GO SLOW Egyptians hold a “Day Of Departure” rally to encourage their president to scoot. Meanwhile, attacks against journalists continue. One Swedish reporter was stabbed in the back. You know who wants to stop journalists from reporting? Gangsters, thugs, crooks and rats. Confiscating cameras and attacking reporters should basically be treated like a war crime.

2 SPEAKING OF EGYPT AND CRIME Let’s not get too gaga over this flowering of democracy. It’s very good news but Egyptian society has some work to do: yesterday’s Globe And Mail ran poll info on Egyptian attitudes towards religion, crime and other issues. The results? Seventy-seven per cent of Egyptians think thieves should be flogged or have their hands cut off. Eighty-two per cent of Egyptians think adulterers should be stoned. Although only 54 per cent think men and women should be segregated in the workplace, so, uh, I guess that’s good?

3 REGINA IS GROWWWING We’re the country’s third-fastest-growing area. Number one? Saskatoon. (Number three is Vancouver.) Tangent alert: the Leader-Post file photo was taken at the Regina Folk Festival. Want a shot of a crowd? Hit up a cultural event, that’s what brings people together. I expect leaders who make decisions about cultural funding to pay attention to this kind of thing. We take culture for granted in this part of the world.

4 IT’S NOT JUST A STADIUM! Mayor Pat Fiacco says it’s time to look at the bigger picture, and that picture includes inner-city development, affordable housing and more retail and restaurants. By the way, the hilariously menacing-looking guy standing behind the mayor in the video is Fiacco’s senior advisor Mark Rathwell. Yes, he does look like a guy capable of exploding your head with his mind.

5 AXEHOLE WHO ATTACKED DOUCHEY DUTCH DANISH CARTOONIST GUILTY OF TERRORISM Nine years in prison for him. Don’t attack cartoonists with axes, people! It’s one of the basic rules! Sheesh!

6 NO LOIS LANE IN THE SUPERMAN MOVIE?!? Hmmmm, don’t know what I think of this. One reason I love Superman is that he’s a journalist. Does no Lois Lane mean no Daily Planet? More importantly, what would Emmet think of this? He’s prairie dog’s go-to authority on all things Superman.

THE MUMMY HAD THREE SIDES This morning’s bonus video: the terror of Triangulus! Nicked from Boingboing, as so many cool things are.

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

12 thoughts on “Six In The Morning: Superman, Egypt, Three-Faced Mummy!”

  1. The proposed stadium, in my opinion won’t be a good thing, simply because the crime rate will go up. Not to mention the lack of money that is being put towards seniors and the childrens hospital which are needs. Health care, roads, sidewalks, schools, senior centres, has to addressed first and foremost.
    The inner city should be revitalized with grocery stores, not everyone has a vehicle to get to the edges of town to get their food. The lack of affordable housing here is unreal, it’s as low as $800 and up from there The welfare system won’t pay for that rent for sure. Jobs aren’t paying that high. We should have Ralph Klein in Sask to help assist the premier in putting the money where it needs to be. Our future depends on it. After all one day we are going to be seniors, our voices won’t be heard. Can we allow this to happen?

    Charity begins at home, rather than the hands of the government who aren’t exactly sure how to utilize it.

  2. w/r/t point #2, let’s not get too hysterical here. The Awl has a much more nuanced article (and less axe-grindy than the Globe and Mail) about attitudes towards democracy and sharia law.

  3. #4: if memory serves, Mark Rathwell was once a journalist in electronic media.
    #5: Danish, not Dutch.

  4. Mark Rathwell was an occasional morning show sidekick for Ford and Cosmo, the original morning hosts on 104.9 when they changed from Hot 105 to The Wolf. He was known then as ‘Gopher Boy’.

  5. Rathwell was also an on-air reporter for CKCK just previous to joining Team Fiacco in a position previously held by a former Global on-air personality.

  6. Re: the stadium (which I misread as the “doomed” stadium in the CBC report). So the railyards are now considered “inner city” all of a sudden? What will the other inner city – North Central – have when the riders are gone as far as major infrasture? A hospital, the mounties, and the RCMP museum. And a lot of aboriginal people living in shitty conditions. I always thought it was good that football fans were forced to visit that neighbourhood; what good it does them, who the hell knows. Further reading: Shock Corridor, an essay about North Central in Regina’s Secret Spaces.

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