1 NOT IN MY NEIGHBOURHOOD Come up with an idea for affordable housing in Regina, and there has to be someone who’ll try to shoot it down. Case in point: the building of some low-rent bachelor suites in Regina’s Heritage area was opposed by area residents. “”It will lead to the destruction of our neighbourhood,” said one. Thankfully, it was approved anyways.

2 RED RIVER FLOOD II The chances are still small, but Manitoba might soon face a flood comparable to that of 1997. They’re more prepared this time around, but investing in a house boat might be advisable.

3 VETTING 2.0 B.C. NDP leadership hopefuls are being asked to hand over all their social networking profiles for examination. Usernames and passwords also have to be provided.

4 FROM FANTASTIC FOUR TO PRETTY-GOOD THREE The news is out on which member of Marvel’s Fantastic Four is going to die. The link in this sentence is A BIG SPOILER ON THE DEATH OF A SUPERHERO, so, you know, watch out. I can’t remember what Whitworth’s final guess was, but I don’t think he was right. He’ll have to say in the comments either way.

5 A JAMES FRANCO SEX TAPE EXISTS I don’t really think that the thought of James Franco having sex is ever really far from anyone’s mind, or at least it shouldn’t be. If you’ve strayed, here’s a helpful reminder: he has sex. Not only that, but he apparently taped it once. Anyone who has ever posted on FanFiction.net’s Freaks and Geeks section is really excited, no doubt.

6 LINCOLN LIE A published Lincoln historian is being accused of falsifying a historical document to make his book more sensational. He claims that they questioned him for two hours before getting that false admission out of him. If he’s got anything on his conscience, he should confess: Lincoln would be a scary ghost to have haunt you.