1 SHUFFLING Prime Minister Harper is moving things around in his cabinet. The big one: we’ll be looking at a new Environment Minister sometime soon.

2 GIANT TIGER, NO UNION After a long, complicated process, a previous application to recognize a union representing Giant Tiger employees as a member of a union in Regina has been ruled invalid. Whenever I think of Giant Tiger, I always think of a certain family member trying to convince me that yogurt purchased from there a day or two before the expiration date would still be good a week later.

3 RELATIONSHIP STATUS: “IT’S COMPLICATED” According to a New York Times story, smart phones are the plague of the corrections system, with some prisons picking up thousands and thousands every year. Side effect: more and more prisoners are keeping active Facebook profiles. So watch who you’re sending event invites to: I can only imagine that they’d get sick of clicking “Not Attending”.

4 “VOLUNTEER CYBER ARMY” Isn’t that just a magical phrase? Estonia is becoming a model of Internet security due to the its Cyber Defense League, “a volunteer organization that in wartime would function under a unified military command,” according to NPR. This is essentially the opposite of 4chan’s Anonymous.

5 CANADA CONTINUES TO PERFORM WELL IN HOCKEY TOURNAMENTS The Americans are dumbfounded as to why we trounced them so easily at the world junior hockey championship. In general, they seem to be taking it humbly.

6 ONE MORE CAUGHT IN THE WEB The producers of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark have found a new lead actress for the musical. I don’t know about everyone else, but I honestly hope they never take this continuing disaster off Broadway.