Six In The Morning

1 SO, SO CRAZY The United States and South Korea aren’t sitting down for chats with North Korea. In other news, North Korea continues to be insane.

2 SO, SO CRAZY, PT. 2 After eight years of being a mistreatment while in custody, an American geologist charged with stealing China state secrets had a hearing yesterday. American officials were denied access. Gives you a lot of faith in the process.

3 WISCONSIN HOSTAGES UNHARMED The same can’t be said for the 15-year-old student who was holding them hostage.

4 ONE MORE CONTENDER Jim Elliott has announced that he’ll be running for mayor of Regina once again. Quoting a friend of mine, “Good luck Sisyphus.”

5 EDMONTON PD TAXI SERVICE A video has surfaced of Edmonton police officers giving a ride to B.C. Lions cheerleaders. A police inspector is cool with it. I guess they just couldn’t get any fan love, unlike the Riders:

6 EWW The Literary Review Bad Sex award has been given to Rowan Somerville. From the Guardian U.K.:

The judges were also impressed by his nature notes, such as the pubic hair “like desert vegetation following an underground stream”, and the passage: “He unbuttoned the front of her shirt and pulled it to the side so that her breast was uncovered, her nipple poking out, upturned like the nose of the loveliest nocturnal animal, sniffing the night. He took it between his lips and sucked the salt from her.”

BONUS Ralph Goodale talks about his WikiLeaks shout outs; questioning rap as poetry; raucous showdown between the Dutch Embassy and the NYPD; and messianic Jewish organizations face off.

And the headline of the day: “EU to launch Google search investigation“.

Author: James Brotheridge

Contributing Editor with Prairie Dog.

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  1. As heart-wrenching and sympathetic as this is, my submission for worst sex writing, non-fiction, comes from the Vancouver Sun:

    Glen, 64, a Vancouver computer programmer, was diagnosed four years ago with an aggressive form of prostate cancer.

    Nerve-sparing surgery was out of the question, and due to complications, part of the penile shaft was removed.

    “You look down and go, holy smoke. It’s short. I was left with about a half-inch of male tool,” he says. “You feel like your manhood’s gone.”

    Glen was angry. His wife tried to be encouraging, but that only made things worse. “She was talking to others, telling me erections come back. That was so hard to deal with.”

    What got them through, he says, was acceptance.

    “Once we accepted that the erections were not going to come back, we could move on.”

    Snuggling and being close has really helped, he says.

    “And we use a strap-on,” he says, somewhat mischievously. “We do it that way, which is pleasing to her.”

    Read more:

  2. I don’t think Jim Elliot runs to win, but runs to make a statement. Anyway, with two declared candidates two years in advance, does this mean the rumour is Pat’s leaving office?

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