Six In The Morning

1 POTASH BACK AND FORTH The National Post says this, Brad Wall says that, Federal Industry Minister Tony Clement responds, CBC reports it. The situation isn’t getting any less messy.

2 THE GIANTS WIN THE PENNANT! THE GIANTS WIN THE PENNANT! Congrats to the Texas Rangers for finally making it this far, but the San Francisco Giants won the World Series last night. NPR gives a decent summary. And here’s something for all you olden folks:

3 DEMOCRAT DEATH MARCH There’s very little solace for the Democrats down in the U.S. with midterm election campaigns closing up today with the vote. The Democrats are poised for huge loses to the Republicans, as detailed by NPR. From the looks of things, though, at least no one will have Christine O’Donnell and Joe Miller to content contend¬†with after today.

4 IN THE “AT LEAST WE AREN’T THERE” FILE Russian police stormed a bank owned by Aleksandr Y. Lebedev, who also happens to own a bunch of papers critical of the Kremlin. According to the New York Times, Lebedev’s spokesperson calls these “masky shows”, which seems like a really lighthearted name for what went down.

5 NATO SAYS NO TO ARCADE FIRE A gig by the preeminent Canadian indie-rock group was canceled due to security concerns, says the Guardian UK. What really happened? Nato just thinks that none of their subsequent albums have topped Funeral.

6 CANCELLATION STORY NUMBER TWO The Roughriders have canceled today’s practice, with no reason given, according to the Leader-Post.

BONUS Don’t you wish Randy Moss would follow through and start actually asking and answering his own question?

Author: James Brotheridge

Contributing Editor with Prairie Dog.

3 thoughts on “Six In The Morning”

  1. Re: #3
    “contend” as opposed to “content”, unless you’re taunting supporters of O’Donnell and Miller by reminding them of how discontented they’ll be should their candidate lose. In which case, well-played James!

  2. Re#1

    You have to wonder if the ‘leak’ to the National Post was in fact a test shot to see if the public would shallow a ‘yes but with conditions’ answer. From Brad Wall’s response I would assume that would be a big “NO!!!!”.

    Or perhaps I’m reading too much into this? It’s so hard to tell given Harper’s history on these things.


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