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1 BILL WHATCOTT IN THE NEWS AGAIN Because his free speech wah wah wahhhh. Despite the fact that this freak’s existence constantly entertains me, he needs to go away and take his dumb, hateful and crazy opinions with him. Saying gay marriage is a sin is exactly as bad as saying interracial marriage is a sin. The end.

2 KHADR: NOTHING TO DO WITH US Our foreign affairs minister says Canada is not involved in the plea deal of a guy  incarcerated in a U.S. prison camp after being shot by American soldiers in a firefight when he was 15. Minister Lawrence “The Law”  Cannon’s exact quote is “The government of Canada is not involved in that.” This is different than what Khadr’s lawyers say, so I guess either the politician is a filthy liar or the lawyers are. Some choice. Omar Khadr remains the only citizen of a western nation still in lock-up in Guantanamo. He pleaded guilty this week to murder before a military court, which was realistically his only option. And by the way, Khadr says he was threatened with rape while in detention.

3 Meanwhile, Canada’s Conservative government wants to block Canadian citizens convicted of committing crimes in other countries from serving their terms here, even though the evidence says they should do exactly the opposite. Nice. Letting Harper’s Conservatives run this country is like having the angry, deranged uncle who threw the turkey at the dog that one Thanksgiving babysit your children.

4 POTASH POTASH POTASH! Potash potash potash potash!

5 YOU SAY “CHILD”, JUDGE SAYS “DEFENDANT” A New York State Supreme Court judge rules being four years-old is no defence against lawsuits.

6 NO NEWS YET SOME NEWS IN CFS REFERENDUM Stay tuned. Results have been delayed because there’s a dispute over whether some votes are eligible. I’ve received one report that it’s FNUniv votes that are in question. Would this mean that one side is trying to take votes away from First Nations students? UPDATE 4:00: That’s a little strong. I withdraw it.

Thanks to Dog Tipster Rickster for #5

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

5 thoughts on “Six In The Morning”

  1. RE: Story #5 (4year old defendant)

    An accident involving people with the slowest mental and physical reaction time (preschoolers and old seniors) and people honestly still think blame should be set out. Why can’t accidents just be that sometimes–accidents.

  2. When FNUC was still SIFC, the student association split off from URSU – and CFS unilaterally assigned a new local 90 to them (without a vote of their membership.)

    If FNUC students are voting in the referendum, they shouldn’t be. They are not URSU members.

  3. FNUniv students pay their student union fees to URSU. If URSU wants to give all those funds back, they are welcome to do it. Until then, FNUniv students should vote.

  4. One of the best things about my recent trip to the USA was being able to access Comedy Central’s website and watch Ed Helms get a foot massage from Whatcott from a 2002 Daily Show episode.

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