Six In The Morning: Canwest Papers Sold, Debt Soars, Hot Rodders Roar

1. CREDITORS BUY CANWEST PAPERS: Canwest has sold off its newspapers to its bondholders for $1.1 billion. Here’s hoping the end of all the uncertainty winds up being good news for the people here in town who owe their livings to a Canwest paper. (Leader Post)

2. BRITAIN TO GET TORY+LIB-DEM COALITION: It isn’t a done deal yet but it’s looking like the Liberal-Democrats won’t be backing Labour in Britain’s upcoming coalition parliament. (Guardian)

3. HOT-RODDERS MAKE MAYOR BLINK: “Car enthusiasts” apparently took umbrage at Fiacco’s lobbying of the government to ban modifications to vehicles that make them louder. As a result, the city is consulting with these “car enthusiasts” as to how they can enlimpen and degonadify any possible, future legislation that deals with vehicle noise because we wouldn’t want to vex “car enthusiasts” or crimp the style of their enthusiastically, decibelerific vehicles. (Although, granted, the words “enlimpen” and “degonadify” were never explicitly uttered.) Yay! Cars win the day again! Remember everybody: Cars are your lords and masters. Do not anger them. (Leader Post)

4. MY LACK OF A CREDIT CARD SEEMS TO BE PAYING OFF (FOR ME PERSONALLY, THAT IS, BUT THE REST OF Y’ALL — AND YES, I’M LOOKING AT YOU WHITWORTH — ARE SUCKERS): Canadian household debt has soared of late. This, we’re told, is a bad thing. But, how does that square with how we’re told it’s a good thing for the economy when consumers are confident enough to go out and buy more stuff? Oh, right. We’re living in a house of cards! (Globe and Mail)

5. INFRASTRUCTURE SUMMIT PLANNING BEGINS: Regina will be hosting a nationl infrastructure summit early next year and the first planning reports have come forward. (Leader Post)

6. FRAZETTA RIP: Famed Renowned Celebrated Legendary sci-fi and fantasy illustrator Frank Frazetta died yesterday. (Comicsbeat)

EDIT: Steve says we need a video in memory of the late Conan artist. And so a video there shall be, by Crom!

Author: Paul Dechene

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3 thoughts on “Six In The Morning: Canwest Papers Sold, Debt Soars, Hot Rodders Roar”

  1. Regarding number 3: There is a South Park episode entitled ‘The F Word’ that is relevant to this subject.

    It made me smirk a little.

  2. Frank Frazetta was a great illustrator but kind of a dork. As for credit cards, if you pay them off every month there’s no interest. The key is to not carry a balance.

  3. Oh, my: Tarzan covers, and Little Annie Fanny; how that takes me back.
    Pay everything off every month, and restrict the uses of your card(s).

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