Six In The Morning: CanWest, Bombers, Torture, More

1 SHAW BUSTS BANK TO GO GLOBAL So that’s that. The cable giant will buy control of the broadcast giant for $700 million. Meanwhile, Torstar Corp. — the company that owns the Toronto Star — and Fairfax Financial Holdings submitted a joint bid on Friday for CanWest’s newspapers, one of which is the Leader-Post. There are believed to be a minimum of three bids for the paper chain, all apparently in the $850 to $925 million range.

2 AFGHAN DOC DEAL CLOSE? Supposedly the federal political parties are close to an agreement that would let them see uncensored documents pertaining to Afghan prisoner transfers. There’s been a controversy, with some saying we handed over prisoners of war to Afghan officials when we knew they’d be tortured. We’ll see what happens. . I’m not holding my breath. (CBC)

3 NEW DOCTORS FREAK OVER LOAN RULE CHANGE Doctors will now have to pay back their huge student loans earlier, thanks to a change to the rules by the federal government (CBC). Good, I say. The harder we make it for people who don’t come from rich families to become doctors, the more riff- we’ll keep out of the medical profession. Especially chicks and uppity minorities.

4 STUPID, STUPID TORIES WANT TO SEND POT HOBBYISTS TO JAIL Minimum sentences for someone growing five measly plants? Really? (The Star) This political party is idiotic. Most Canadians have tried marijuana and it should be legal and taxed and regulated like alcohol. Unless you want to keep drug profits going to organized crime. Looks like that’s what the Tories want.

5 IS THIS GOOD OR BAD? A small Catholic school will open to help Regina’s inner-city children. I like small, neighbourhood schools but I don’t like having a separate school system. No offence intended to the many good people who doubtless work in the separate system, and no offence to good people who worked hard on this and just want to help people. But it’s just a bad, bad situation to leave religion in charge of helping and educating the poor. (Leader-Post)


Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

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  1. Re: #5: To start with, this will be a private school, privately funded. The plan is, once the school is established, to seek associate-school status with the Regina Separate School Board, which will mean access to tax revenue collected by the province from Catholics under the constitutionally entrenched provision (in SK and AB) for 2 publicly funded school systems (Catholic/Protestant Separate,depending on majority/minority in a district; and nondenominational). As the enrolment is proposed to be set at a maximum of 80, there will undoubtedly be a selection system at work, and certain expectations of parents/guardians, just as for any charter school. How this will square with associate-school status in the future will be interesting.
    There are many people who don’t like the dual system we have in SK and AB, but to change it would take a provincial constitutional amendment, and no political party has the nerve to do that. Look at the heavy hitters involved with the proposed middle school in Regina, and you may understand why.

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