ASHPOCALYPSE, DAY TWO: Hasn’t stopped yet, as reported by the New York Times.

THE CBC COULDN’T FIND ONE PERSON WHO WAS UPSET ABOUT A TUITION INCREASE?: Maybe the folks up at the University of Saskatchewan are just really calm, cool, and collected, but still – a 5.2 tuition increase is a big deal, and someone should be a little miffed, even if the university is a “terrific value”, as the VP academic from the U of S is quoted as saying in this CBC Saskatchewan post.

ARMSTEAD RELEASED FROM RIDERS: He’s gone, according to the Leader-Post, though management says the decision was made before his legal problems down in the States.

C’MON, WE SHOULD ALL KNOW BETTER BY NOW: A teacher with the Regina Public School Division is facing criminal charges, including two counts of sexual exploitation, says CJME. It’s hard to read stories like this and not think of all the countless times that the Smoking Gun has featured similar stories.

NO iPADS FOR ISRAEL: “[The] iPad’s stronger signal could throw off others’ wireless connections”? Does this make sense to any tech junkies out there? Is Israel justified in banning the iPad, as reported by the Guardian UK? Or does it just seem like the Israeli government might have something against Mac products?

AT LEAST THEY PULPED IT: 7,000 copies of a cookbook were destroyed because one of the recipes called for “fresh ground black people,” says Regret the Error. It could have been a lot worse, though.