Six In The Morning

1. Happy Chinese New Year! Here’s hoping the Water Snake is good to all y’all!

2. Side boob and more happened at The Grammys last night despite the well-circulated memo discouraging “revealing” outfits and costumes lest wayward flesh upset the American public. I suppose some awards were given out too. Mama didn’t watch it. (Jezebel)

Portia de Rossi, Ellen DeGeneres and Katy Perry at The Grammys 2013

3. Saskatoon library workers deserve a better contract with a decent living wage, dammit.

4. The Pope is resigning. Where do you go (from here), my pontiff? Heaven? Portofino?

5. The Saskatchewan Media Production Industry Association (SMPIA) is frustrated with the government’s Orwellian Creative Industries Agency, check out what they have to say over on their Facebook group.

6. A new season of The Walking Dead hit the airwaves last night, ensuring months of sleepless Sunday nights ahead. Click here for a Season 3 Episode 9 recap.

Lucky number 7: Local band Rah Rah just announced a pre-tour show at The Mecury this Saturday, February 16th. Wanna come with?

Author: Amber Goodwyn

Amber Goodwyn is a Montrealer freshly moved to the prairies where she's found a home in journalism at Prairie Dog Magazine. A jack-of-all-trades, she hopes to master some (hell, any) of the following before she expires: writing, music making, filmmaking, DJing, Werewolves.

One thought on “Six In The Morning”

  1. 1) Sneaky Snake year!
    2) Ellen has the hots for Katy! Portia should be jealous.
    3) By the time they finally get their contract, they are due for another negotiation.
    4) This is groundbreaking. Rarely has a pope ever stepped down before due to old age and health. They just die. Hope all pope in the future follow this idea.
    5) Lots of Cricket noise, no one left.
    6) Good thing I never believe in Zombies.

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