Six In The Morning: Good Representation, Bad Representation, and Sound Arguments for a Balanced Diet

6-in-the-morning1 PRIORITIES Ward 3 councillor Shawn Fraser won’t support the new stadium plan, and here’s why.

2  OR YOU COULD PROBABLY JUST EAT MORE VEGETABLES  A new pill that takes advantage of chemicals found in tomato skins is supposed to cut the risk of stroke and heart attacks.

3 A BREEZY SOJOURN TO NORTH KOREA  Google’s Eric Schmidt is among a small U.S. delegation to North Korea this week.

4 FINGERS CROSSED  Toronto mayor Rob Ford might get the final heave-ho today, depending on how his appeal goes in court.

5  ON STRIKE  Journalists at Chinese newspaper Southern Weekly are on strike to protest censorship.

6  EI EI UH OH  Things are about to get leaner (and meaner) for seasonal workers who use Employment Insurance to get by. New changes to EI policy take effect today.

Author: Wanda Schmöckel

Wanda Schmockel is just trying to get by without shoving. You may follow her on twitter @vschmo

7 thoughts on “Six In The Morning: Good Representation, Bad Representation, and Sound Arguments for a Balanced Diet”

  1. Yay Shawn Fraser!

    How novel, an elected official who actually presents reasoned arguments to discuss their position, rather than relying on smoke, mirrors and ignorance.

  2. 1. Shawn Fraser for mayor!

    6. We all pay into EI,but the process of trying to re-coop yer money is total Bullshit.

    Remmber that the cons spent our $50mil UI bank, & pissed away the $50 BILLION that Paul Martin saved for us…

    Changing the GST % was so fucking stupid.

  3. @ The Cowardly Lion – I totally agree…is it bad I almost want to move just so I can call Shawn my councillor?

    @Ron – Re: GST – So very true, what a pointless take break that ran us into more debt before we could blink.

  4. The LP article currently has 23 comments, but without having and using a Facebook account (and all the privacy snooping that entails) there’s no way to view beyond the 8 shown by default.

  5. I want to once again thank Mr. Shawn Fraser for having the courage to stand up and speak out in this fashion. We all should be very well aware of how the previous council was full of yes men/women, and if you dared have a different view on any Council item, you better have a damned good reason. As per a certain ex-mayor’s relative recent tweet, the attitude is “you can disagree all you want, but you should still vote with Council to show uniformity”. Blah blah blah. No Ms. Fiacco, that is not how democracy works!!! Vote how you feel, and do not let undue influences change that.

    I am extremely proud of Mr. Fraser for taking this approach of writing his letter to the editor well ahead of his vote, rather than after, so that all of Regina understands WHY he will be voting the way he does. I am very confident there are many, many other individuals that wish their respective councillor would do the same, but unfortunately in those councillors minds “the majority voted for me to push the RRI through”. And, judging on the fact that 99% of the comments on the LP article are pro-Fraser comments, I’d say that should show something to Mayor Fougere and Current Council, that perhaps what they interpret to be the majority in favour of the RRI are in fact very much a minority.

    There is a VERY SIMPLE solution to this, and the council has every opportunity to take this avenue at any time. Simply delay this legally binding vote by a few months. Review ALL the options available to them, INCLUDING the $5.8M renovation that addresses the simple concerns that most on the “campaign trail” had, that being washrooms and stands.

    For anyone that argues the $5.8M is unrealstic, bring that up to ex-mayor Fiacco, because that’s a number that HE touted in 2007. Sure the cost has gone up since then, but certainly not to the $100-150M BS price tag that Mayor Fougere is touting right now. If you ask him, and I invite you all to do just that, he will not be able to provide you with any reasoning as to how they got the $150M, other than “that’s what Administration told me, and I trust them”. Any REASONABLE Mayor would at least ask for backup to demonstrate HOW that figure was determined. And don’t buy the BS line that he continues to spout to this very day that the province won’t support a renovation, because again, there is NO DOCUMENTATION anywhere that supports this ridiculous argument.

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