1 QUEBEC ELECTION Not only is La Belle Province ready to give the reigns over to the Parti Québécois, they’re also about to elect their first lady premier. Current projections make it seem like the Liberal Party of Quebec will have their “worst result since 1976, when the PQ won its first election”, according to the Globe and Mail.

2 FOLLOW THE MONEY At least one American bank is thinking of sending trucks of U.S. currency to Greece in case they leave the Euro. The rest have contingencies they’re working on, too.

3 WHERE MY UNION MEMBERS AT The National Post posts a piece from the Canadian Press, that says,

Figures from Statistics Canada suggest the labour movement in Canada is in a 30-year decline. And while numbers have stabilized in recent years, organized labour is surviving but not thriving — and anchored disproportionately in the public sector.

Just under 30% of the workforce — some 4.3 million employees — was unionized in 2011, a slight increase both in percentage and absolute numbers over 2010.

But the public sector, including civil servants, Crown corporations, schools and hospitals, dominated. More than 71% of the public sphere was unionized, while in the private sector that number plummets to 16%.

4 YOUNG LADIES, OLD REPUBLICANS “SeekingArrangement.com, a ‘sugar daddy dating website,’ claims that it saw a 25.9 percent increase in Web traffic originating from Tampa during the GOP convention,” reports POLITICO.

5 BORDER REPORT About six complaints per day were filed by people crossing the Canadian border, a quarterly report says. Prairie dog‘s John Cameron and Mason Pitzel actually just got back from Minneapolis last night. As far as I know, they got through OK, even if Cameron has been my bad-luck charm for getting stopped in the past.

6 MONTGOMERY BISCUITS? Who’s got the best names for sports teams? Minor league baseball teams, that’s who!