1 CABINET SHUFFLE Any minute now, Premier Brad Wall will be announcing what the “new” Saskatchewan cabinet will look like. Best of luck to everyone in their fantasy Sask Party leagues.

2 FEDERAL DEFICIT According to Tony Clement, the feds posted a $9 billion deficit in March. He’s not terribly happy about it.

3 WE ROCK AT HAVING A LOT OF PREVENTABLE DEATHS In fact, Saskatchewan rocks better in that ignoble distinction than anyone else in Canada. The Leader-Post writes, “the preventable death rate in Saskatchewan in 2008 was 148.3 per 100,000 compared to 119 per 100,000 Canadians.”

4 NOT LONGER DAILY You may have heard yesterday that New Orleans’ Times-Picayune is cutting back to three print editions a week. POLITICO has some Washington reactions.

5 IRAN’S URANIUM GETS RICHER AND RICHER So says United Nations nuclear inspectors. The New York Times talks about how folks are trying to figure out what the increase means.

6 NO MORE RACIST BALLERS The Professional Footballers’ Union is proposing that racist abuse become a “sackable offence”, as the Guardian puts it. I’ve always preferred the word “sack” over “fire”.