Six In The Morning

1 MAYORS MAYORS EVERYWHERE MAYORS Last week, I mentioned that a new mayoral candidate had been announced in Regina, one Charles Wiebe. Well, now the Leader-Post has a longer piece where they sit down and talk to him. (I’m making an assumption on the sitting down part, I’ll admit.)

The man who’s not being mentioned: Tim Siekawitch, who’s got the URL locked down and everything. The man who should no longer be mentioned is David “Bob” Loblaw, whose website now says he’s out. Hear that, Bob? If you aren’t running for mayor, you’re dead to us. Kaput.

2 EARTHQUAKE IN ITALY It killed seven people and caused an estimated $254 million (U.S.) in damages. The Associated Press has more details.

3 NOW FOR A POLITICAL DISASTER Wisconsin Democrats managed to move mountains and get a recall election called against hated Republican governor Scott Walker. Now, it really doesn’t seem like they’ll be able to take it much further than that. At a time when polls aren’t bringing good news for Dems, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the largest paper in the state, has endorsed Walker. I guess he’s not that hated, after all? In the meantime, Walker’s insinuating that all the lefties out there are getting ready to perpetrate voter fraud to kick him out of office.

4 ANOTHER GIBB GONE First Andy, then Maurice and now Robin. It was announced yesterday that Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees has died after a struggle with liver and colon cancer.

5 A LESS IMPORTANT BUT STILL SAD DEATH NOTICE Regina Police say they were forced to shoot a Rottweiler when it attacked them.

6 FIFTY SHADES OF GRATING Odds are very, very good I don’t have to explain Fifty Shades of Grey to anyone around here. The trilogy of kink novels is selling like crazy, despite reading, as book critic Paul Constant wrote, “like a bad photocopy of [Stephanie] Meyer’s writing. Meyer is a terrible writer, but James is worse, by a magnification of ten.”

All that to say, I don’t really need much preface to this video:

Author: James Brotheridge

Contributing Editor with Prairie Dog.

7 thoughts on “Six In The Morning”

  1. No Loblaw? Not to brag, about my powers of insight, but I did not see that guy finishing the race anyway. Odd, however, that you would campaign for two years, then drop out four months out.

    “Loblaw voters stymied by New Saskatchewan’s rising lust for premium chocolate”

    Or maybe Fourgere, who will win with 76%, cut him a ‘sweet’ deal.

  2. Strangely enough, in Mr. Loblaw’s case, I suspect his true reasons for suspending his campaign were exactly as he stated on his website.

  3. 2. I watched a report on this, a castle built in 1213 collapsed.
    So the East side of Taylor Field is fine.

  4. @4 That was re: a possible conspiracy involving the Loblaw campaign, not the death of Robin Gibb. As for the Loblaw campaign, hot diggity, I’m on the case!! Whoope…-Zzz-zzz.

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