6 in the Evening1 POW WOW POSTPONED The 35th Annual FNUniv Pow-wow set for this weekend has been re-scheduled due to a potential labour disruption at Brandt Centre where the event was supposed to be held. It has been postponed to the weekend of May 11, 2013. FYI: God forbid, the Juno’s could also be affected.

2 WALLIN WOES Saskatchewan Conservative Senator Pamela Wallin is stepping down as chair of the Senate’s defence committee and from the subcommittee on veteran’s affairs for “personal reasons”. Wallin has been making headlines recently for her alleged over-zealous spending on travel between her homes in Ontario and Saskatchewan.

3 DILUTED DRUGS How would you like to find out that you are not getting the correct dose of medication you’ve been prescribed for a deadly illness? Hundreds of people in Ontario and New Brunswick got that shock today when they learned their chemo therapy drugs were being watered down anywhere from three to 20 percent.

4 CALLING OUT THE ROBO-CALLERS A former Conservative staffer was the first person charged in a probe into the 2011 robo-call controversy. Michael Sona has denied it, saying he didn’t have the technological intelligence to pull it off.

5 SELLING BABIES Wood Buffalo RCMP are investigating an advertisement placed by a pregnant 20 year-old Fort McMurray woman offering to sell one of her twin babies. The ad is just plain weird and unsettling.

6 EXCESS BAGGAGE A tiny Samoan airline is offering another reason to shed the extra pounds. Instead of charging by seat, it is charging passengers by weight. Is this discrimination or is this going to be the airline standard of the future? Hmmm…